FV Bank Announces Strategic Investment in DIRO, the First Global Instant Bank Account Verification Platform

  • Banking
  • 18.01.2022 05:45 pm

 FV Bank today announced its strategic investment in DIRO, developers of the award-winning Original Documents Online™ technology. DIRO’s platform provides financial institutions, payment providers, crypto companies, and other enterprises with the ability to quickly and accurately verify any person or document directly from the original trusted online source on a fully global basis. 

FV Bank is integrating DIRO’s solution into its account opening protocols to facilitate compliant automation of its Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) processes. With instant external bank account verification, identity verification, proof of address and proof of funds obtained directly from the original trusted web source, FV Bank will be able to streamline its onboarding of international clients. 

Commenting on the investment Miles Paschini, co-founder and CEO of FV Bank said: “We’re delighted to invest in DIRO — a technology company at the forefront of the identity verification sector. DIRO’s instant bank account verification services will help us to further improve our clients’ user experience while also strengthening our KYC and AML processes.”

“Working with true pioneers like FV Bank helps us to further build the momentum around DIRO’s instant bank account verification platform serving financial institutions around the world,” said Per Jirstrand, co-founder and Chief Revenue & Product Officer at DIRO. 

FV Bank’s investment follows DIRO’s recent patent grant by the US patent office for its Decentralized Document And Entity Verification Engine. DIRO is the only platform provider to offer a robust, compliant solution on a global scale. The technology — which doesn’t rely on API integrations with third-party data sources — complies with strict data privacy laws, and is applicable to numerous sectors and verticals from financial services and taxation and insurance, to licensing and healthcare, among many others.

The patented technology reduces risk for companies and institutions resulting from impersonation and altered or fraudulent document submissions through providing blockchain-based provable, auditable, and reportable evidence of KYC and KYB due diligence and compliance.

DIRO’s inbuilt user consent and authentication protocols exclude screen scraping or downloading of documents which can then be vulnerable to alteration. Instead, DIRO captures and stores a one-time unique snapshot and hash, ensuring ethical data handling that is compliant across numerous jurisdictions including stringent data privacy legislation such as GDPR and the California Privacy Act.

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