Finastra adds Lozenge Analytics Complex Calculation Capabilities to Fusion KTP for Treasury Customers

  • Banking
  • 14.06.2022 09:05 am

Finastra today announced a partnership with Lozenge Analytics, offering the capabilities to Fusion KTP customers. The combined solution, available in the cloud or on-premise, is available to clients in France and the Benelux region, with the potential to expand into other geographies in the future.

Finastra’s Fusion KTP treasury management solution provides corporate and bank treasurers with a consolidated view of their liquidity and financial positions – enabling them to see all financial exposures, optimize their hedging costs, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Integrating the capabilities of Lozenge Analytics will allow Fusion KTP users to perform complex statistical risk calculations. This includes using methods such as Value at Risk (VAR), Potential Future Exposure, Valuation, and Delta to work out potential losses or exposures.

Eric Aillet, Principal Product Manager at Finastra said, “The Lozenge Analytics team has in-depth knowledge of Fusion KTP and a wealth of experience in the areas of risk management, regulation and compliance. The integration of Lozenge Analytics with Fusion KTP brings significant value, and we look forward to working together to deliver these benefits to our clients.” 

Using Lozenge Analytics, integrated with Fusion KTP, bank treasurers will be able to perform stress tests as required by the European Banking Authority. Treasurers will be able to run different scenarios in order to demonstrate the institution’s ability to deal with a range of crisis situations.

Renaud Savina, CEO of Lozenge Analytics said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Finastra. Collaborating will help us extend our reach and deliver our capabilities to Fusion KTP users. We believe customers will benefit immensely from the ability to perform complex statistical risk calculations using a fully integrated solution in the cloud.”

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