Expressly drives E-commerce conversion

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  • 08.03.2017 06:15 am

Bosham Capital Advisors (BCA), Investment, Advisory and Capital Markets Specialists, has been appointed by Expressly to develop strategic positioning in the UK and to work with the company on an investment strategy for a second round capital raise later this year. 

Expressly combines a robust technology platform and brand network which has redefined targeting, conversion and user experience. Founded in London in 2014, Expressly has already developed a network of over 200 UK based brands including well-known names such as Addison Lee and Hotel Chocolat. 

The platform's functionality is a transformative evolution on current internet advertising. Brands and Publishers have complete control of their respective exposures and can use the platform to promote a number of actions including bookings, purchases, discovery and donations. 

Expressly enables a simple and compliant 1-click data migration service, removing friction from the transaction process as the customer data is completely secure. The impressive impact of this technology is reflected in key metrics, saving customers 85% of their normal transaction time, which in turn provides 10x better lead conversion for brands in the network.

Fabrizio Fantini, Co-Founder of Expressly commented “Expressly's offering is a disruptive one and will transform digital marketing by increasing conversion and generating significant incremental revenues for brands. We chose to work with BCA due to their specialism in digital media in both business development and capital raising."

Edward Boddington, Partner at BCA said: "When we took this mandate on, we were impressed by the Founders' drive and commitment. In addition, we believe that Expressly represents an innovative commercial development in the E-commerce world." 

Expressly is currently in discussions with high profile Publishers and Brands including charities, telecoms and media providers looking to join the network in 2017. The company is likely to raise additional capital to the £500,000 already invested.

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