Easy Solutions Integrated with Alkami’s Digital Banking Platform

  • Banking , Online Banking , Mobile Banking , Security , Data Protection , Fraud Detection
  • 12.04.2016 08:00 am

Easy Solutions and Alkami™ Technology, Inc. have entered into a partnership to make Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud Protection portfolio of products available as part of Alkami’s digital banking platform.

As part of the ORB Platform, Alkami’s customers will now have access to a full range of Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud protection portfolio solutions including fraud intelligence, safe browsing and transaction monitoring. The company’s products will be offered as part of a unified digital banking platform that enables banks and credit unions to transform their user experience by providing a convenient way for consumers to manage their finances.

“The digitalization of banking is making fraud prevention a core component to the business of banking. Providing innovative and complete fraud protection solutions is more important than ever. In joining forces with Alkami, we look forward to working together to help financial institutions reinforce their security posture with the multi-layered fraud protection approach from Easy Solutions,” said Ricardo Villadiego, of Easy Solutions. “Our partnership with Alkami represents an important step for Easy Solutions as we expand our footprint in protecting financial enterprises from the savvy cybercriminals that exist today.”

Easy Solutions’ DetectTA® identifies and reports suspicious login and transaction events by leveraging advanced behavioral analytics. The flagship offering detects sophisticated fraud schemes that could bypass rule based systems. The Alkami ORB Platform client data will feed into DetectTA® for risk analysis, reporting and case management.

“Our goal is to create an intuitive, personalized yet secure experience for our customers so partnering with Easy Solutions is of tremendous value and importance,” said Stephen Bohanon, founder, chief strategy and sales officer of Alkami Technology. “We’re seeing sharp demand for solutions that address transaction monitoring and risk, and are looking forward to being able to offer the Easy Solutions products to our growing roster of banking and credit union clients.”

In addition to DetectTA®, Alkami’s customers will have access to other Easy Solutions’ critical fraud protection layers including Detect Monitoring Service®, DMARC Compass® and Detect Safe Browsing® Framework.


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