Credit Suisse Remodels Online Platform

  • Banking
  • 13.07.2017 08:30 am

For the revamp of its Online Banking platform, Credit Suisse worked closely with private and corporate clients with the aim of developing functionalities that match their needs as closely as possible. 

The relaunch will enable private clients to make payments significantly faster as well as customize their online banking experience. The corporate clients portal offers two significant innovations: a multibanking solution and paperless lease agreements.

Following the introduction of Online Relationship Onboarding for private clients, Credit Suisse is pleased to announce the latest developments in its digitalization strategy: Credit Suisse Direct - an online banking portal for private clients, and Credit Suisse Direct Business - the equivalent service for corporate clients. The two solutions have been fundamentally overhauled in recent months and aligned with the needs of our clients. With this in mind, the bank chose a user-centric design approach and worked closely with clients from the different segments. Over 1,000 individuals and 300 companies were asked about their requirements through a combination of surveys and workshops, enabling them to input their ideas from an early stage and on an ongoing basis. 

After a pilot phase lasting several weeks, during which further client feedback was obtained and included in the final stages of development, Credit Suisse Direct and Credit Suisse Direct Business officially go live today. 
Credit Suisse Direct: Customizable Online Banking Platform for Private Clients

Back in 1997, Credit Suisse became the first bank in Switzerland to introduce online banking. In the year of its 20th birthday, the online portal has been given another total revamp focused on ease of use with intuitive functions and numerous options for customization. The Credit Suisse Direct user interface consists of intelligent "widgets": these can be arranged in such a way that the functions most frequently used or preferred by the client are displayed on their home page. The settings can be changed at any time. 

Also new is the smart payment assistant, which remembers previously entered information and therefore simplifies and accelerates the payment process significantly. Completion of a payment is now confined to a single page and takes just a few seconds. The new assistant means there is no longer a need to create payment templates. 

The portfolio overview has likewise been revised, and now offers a comprehensive, compact summary of all assets held with Credit Suisse. In addition, graphics provide a breakdown of the portfolio. Clients can configure the content displayed themselves in order to obtain the best possible performance overview. 
Credit Suisse Direct Business: Professional Platform for Companies

Credit Suisse Direct Business is a tailored solution that meets the needs of companies - from one-person businesses to multinational corporations. Widgets are used with this portal too, enabling the client's homepage to be arranged in exactly the way that's required. Access rights can be customized in line with the individual employee's role and task. This is particularly attractive for companies in which various functions with differing needs - such as CFO, accounting, or human resources - have online banking access. 

The navigation concept of Credit Suisse Direct Business was optimized with a focus on corporate clients’ workflows. As with the private clients portal, the simplification of payment transactions was a key area of development. Companies will also be able to use the smart payment assistant in future, and make payments with far fewer clicks and more quickly than before. 

In addition to these improvements, Credit Suisse Direct Business is launching two firsts in Swiss online banking for corporate clients - both of them frequently requested during development: multibanking and online leasing. The multibanking function enables corporate clients to display the accounts they hold with other banks in a single overview on the Credit Suisse portal. Additional banking relationships can be included in just a few clicks; once an account with a third-party bank has been successfully integrated, these account balances and movements are displayed visually in the same way as those of the Credit Suisse accounts. 

Online leasing is a new tool enabling companies to take out lease agreements online for goods with a value of up to CHF 1.5 million. Users can compare various leasing options (24, 36, 48, 60, 72, or 84 months) and select their preferred option. As soon as the data is entered, the tool checks whether the lending criteria are met. Provided the company complies with the bank's terms and conditions for credit approval, the application is signed digitally and finalized. This means the checking process takes only a few minutes rather than days, and the service is available seven days a week. The tool also offers an overview of all current lease agreements and enables expiring agreements to be extended. 

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