BNP Paribas Signs a Global Partnership with Snap

  • Banking
  • 03.05.2017 10:30 am

BNP Paribas, first European bank to sign a global partnership with Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat. With this new collaborative initiative, BNP Paribas strengthens its proximity to Millennials and anchors its position as the leading bank on social networks.

With its ephemeral approach to content, Snap Inc. has reinvented the way photos and videos are recorded and shared and has become a must-have for Millennials, setting a benchmark in visual communication. The smartphone app now unites a community of 158 million daily users who view over 10 billion videos and exchange over 2.5 billion snaps worldwide every day.

Through the partnership with the California-based social network provider, BNP Paribas wants to further strengthen its knowhow in the digital-social-mobile field, and reinforce its presence on an international communication platform aimed at the younger generation, that counted over 53 million daily active users in Europe in December 2016. The new generation forms a very important prospective customer group for Retail banking products and services and it is vital for BNP Paribas to go out and meet them, interact with them and to promote the Bank’s product and service range in an innovative manner.

In 2016, #CampusStories, the first Snapchat guide for students studying abroad, invited French youngsters participating in an exchange programme to discover first-hand eight European university campuses via content developed on Snap by two social media influencers. With over 100,000 Snapchat subscribers combined, the Bank generated over the course of eight days 3 million Snap views through the influencers’ stories and was recently presented a Gold award in the banking and insurance category at the “Grand Prix du Brand Content”. 2017 will see commercial communication initiatives grow around the bank’s major projects such as the release in cinemas of Valerian or the Roland-Garros tennis tournament. The teams at Snapchat and BNP Paribas will be working hand-in-hand to create new territory for animated filters, Geofilters and innovative and fun Snap Ads.

“We are proud of the partnership with BNP Paribas and delighted that we are strengthening our collaboration around Snapchat’s potential and our creative solutions. Together we will seize opportunities that will enable BNP Paribas to cement its position as the go-to bank for Millennials,” explained Emmanuel Durand, Snap Inc., General Manager, France.

“This strategic partnership builds on the momentum which began several years ago within the digital media ecosystem. Our challenge is to be present where our core target is while simultaneously speaking the same language as Millennials, the new generation. They are our future co-workers and future clients,” underlined Bertrand Cizeau, BNP Paribas Group Head of Communications.

BNP Paribas also uses Snapchat to project the BNP Paribas Employer Brand in a novel way. Several times a month, BNP Paribas invites colleagues from all over the world to take over the Group Snapchat account and tell their day-to-day lives through ephemeral photos and videos. This enables the Bank to illustrate, with a highly personal, light touch, the various jobs and professions in the banking world and allows the future workforce to discover the lives of existing young employees.

BNP Paribas is a major player in young employment in France. In 2017, the Bank is planning to recruit 2,000 young staff on work-study (sandwich course) contracts and 350 on in-company voluntary work assignments overseas under France’s VIE programme.


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