Banking Services Provider Sepaga Integrates AU10TIX ID Authentication & Customer Onboarding Automation Service

  • Banking
  • 15.06.2017 09:45 am

Sepaga EMI, licenced by the central bank of Cyprus to provide financial services for liquidity and foreign exchange, has integrated AU10TIX 2nd generation ID authentication and onboarding cloud services. The AU10TIX BOS platform which already powers global majors will help Sepaga streamline customer acquisition, while strengthening fraud protection and KYC compliance and improve operating efficiency. 

With AU10TIX 2nd generation automation in place, Sepaga can offer its clients simpler, quicker onboarding while enabling robust ID fraud prevention and KYC compliance. As a provider of international business companies offering a range of financial solutions for global payments, global receipts and secure transaction services, Sepaga benefits from a particularly wide coverage of ID document support, including multi-lingual support (incl. Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Hebrew). Sepaga and its clients also benefit from the only operational 2nd generation ID document authentication and onboarding on the market today. Same technology already powers some of the world's biggest names, and is widely considered the imminent market standard for Secure Customer Onboarding in regulated markets. Utilizing latest machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms, AU10TIX BOS can handle borderline image qualities and detect sophisticated ID forgery and counterfeiting attempt considerably faster and better than conventional solutions. AU10TIX BOS is the only 100% automated end-to-end automation of ID recognition, deep-authentication and record generation available today.

“We chose AU10TIX since key features of our services are delivering efficiencies, superior customer experience and security.” says Ms. Elena Kontou, Chief of Operations at Sepaga EMI: “Having intensively tested the AU10TIX technology we have established that it is simply superior to any other solution checked. This superiority was demonstrated across all key parameters: Performance, depth and breadth of authentication, processing speed and simplicity of use. In the test of real performance testing we have chosen the best solution out there. Best for our customers and best for us.”

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