ABA Bank and Smart Axiata Introduce IPification, Seamless Authentication and Registration Solution for ABA Mobile Banking Users

  • Banking , Mobile Banking , Fraud Detection , Authentication Technology
  • 20.10.2021 04:45 pm

ABA Bank and Smart Axiata continue to lead Cambodia’s digitalization by introducing the secure and customer-friendly solution for users’ identification and protection: IPification, a one-click registration,  authentication, and fraud-prevention system. ABA Bank will introduce the seamless  IPification technology to the subscribers of Smart Axiata, Cambodia’s leading telecommunications operator, soon followed by other operators in the country. 

IPification is a one-click mobile identity solution that enables end-users to verify their phone number, register, and log in within milliseconds. Developed with security, user experience and  data privacy in mind, it will allow ABA Bank to enhance the user experience on its mobile  banking app and will be used instead of the SMS-based, one-time-password (OTP) system 

currently in place in the app activation process. 

Having received numerous awards for its excellence over the last decade from financial  magazines such as The Banker, Global Finance and Euromoney, ABA Bank has grown to  become one of the top commercial banks and digital banking leaders in Cambodia, offering  an entire spectrum of services to individuals, microbusinesses and SMEs. To further improve  their advanced mobile banking solution, ABA is integrating IPification for frictionless user  registration and authentication. 

“We are excited to expand our strategic partnership with Smart Axiata and become the first  Cambodian bank to introduce IPification on our mobile banking app. The security and  convenience of mobile banking is our top priority, and the introduction of IPification will allow  us to provide ABA Mobile users with an easier authentication process, keeping the app secure  at the same time. The Bank will continue bringing the latest developments to the local market,  further accelerating the digital transformation throughout the country,” said Askhat  Azhikhanov, ABA CEO.  

Benefit Vantage Limited, the company behind IPification, is the leading global provider of  mobile IP address-based authentication solutions.  

“It’s a privilege to work with two of the top digital leaders in Cambodia, ABA – the digital  banking leader, and Smart Axiata, the leading mobile telecommunications operator. ABA will  serve as a great example of what it means to put the users first by providing them with an authentication solution that doesn’t compromise security, user experience or data privacy,”  added Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO.  

Smart Axiata subscribers who are ABA Mobile users will be the first to experience the  seamless mobile authentication solution, IPification, for their mobile banking needs starting  from mid-October 2021.  

Introducing the latest technologies and solutions to benefit users, both consumers and  businesses, has always been a primary objective of Smart Axiata. Our partnership with Benefit  Vantage Limited is yet another example of the role mobile operators play as key enabler in developing the economy and technology landscape in the Kingdom. We are glad that our  strategic partner ABA is the first to provide the solution and are looking forward to many other  businesses taking steps towards greater security and convenience for users,” said Thomas  Hundt, Smart Axiata CEO.  


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