ZEDRA sees record new client inflows and revenue growth in the UK

  • Asset Management , Wealth Management
  • 05.07.2021 11:00 am

 ZEDRA, the fastest growing global specialist in Active Wealth, Corporate, Global Expansion and Fund Services, expects to see triple digit revenue growth in 2021, having expanded its client base by 20% between October 2020 and June 2021. ZEDRA’s headcount has also tripled in the same period with an additional 139 employees, and the firm expects to capitalise on the UK’s growing levels of wealth. Indeed the Global Wealth 2021 Boston Consulting Group report revealed that in 2020, UK wealth grew faster than the European average; 7% in the UK compared to 5% for Western Europe.

Over the past year, ZEDRA made two key acquisitions in the UK: Global Expansion firm, Fitzgerald & Law, and Institutional Pension Scheme Governance service provider, Inside Pensions. The former has expanded ZEDRA London’s offering to include a full suite of services required by multinationals when expanding overseas including accounting, tax, HR and payroll. The latter provides dedicated and experienced support and governance services to the Trustees of Pension Trusts to ensure that they adopt best practices to run their Pension Schemes efficiently and compliantly.

As of today, Inside Pensions has been rebranded to ZEDRA and the team, led by Ryan Powell and Rachael Fortescue, remains located in their St Albans Office. Rachael Fortescue stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with ZEDRA, building on what has been successful over the years at Inside Pensions to position ZEDRA’s name as a reputable Institutional Pension Scheme Governance service provider”.

Following the appointment of David Rudge as Managing Director of ZEDRA Active Wealth UK earlier this year, the firm is well placed to cater to both individual and corporate clients, with London serving as a central hub for its global offices and all of its services.

In addition to the new Global Expansion and Pension Governance services, ZEDRA provides Companies, Boards and HNWIs with a full spectrum of Corporate Services including Company Secretarial support and Private Office services. Together with the existing Trust and Estate Planning business in Manchester, the firm has a sizeable presence in the country.

With further acquisitions in the pipeline, ZEDRA plans to continue to expand its presence in the country, complementing its global strategy.

The UK is set to see a period of enormous intergenerational wealth transfer with the Baby Boomer generation having benefited from the more generous Defined Benefit Pensions, the long term rise in the stock market and the boom in house prices. Over £300 billion is set to be passed on to Generation X throughout this decade. The generational transfer of wealth presents numerous opportunities to individuals and businesses seeking ZEDRA’s estate and wealth planning solutions.

David Rudge, Managing Director, Active Wealth UK, commented: “These are exciting times. The UK has proven its resiliency despite incredible adversity and we strongly believe that the market is set to grow exponentially. ZEDRA now has an array of talent in the UK, spanning across many diverse and specialist areas. I am very excited to lead our Active Wealth proposition, bringing together all of the areas of expertise and the full suite of services to clients.”

Richard Wakeham, Head of Commercial & Solutions, UK and Offshore at ZEDRA, said: “The stage is set for a very busy period of growth for the UK and we are expecting an influx of people, business and capital. ZEDRA is primed to support that growth and has a fantastic team of specialists ready to step in and support our clients in achieving more in the UK.”

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