UK-based FinTech Darwinex Adds US Equity Strategies to its Direct-indexing Platform

  • Asset Management , Risk Management
  • 03.11.2021 10:55 am

In addition to execution in 800+ liquid US stocks, equity-based strategies participate in Darwinex’s seed capital allocation programme for up to €90M a year

Darwinex, UK FCA regulated FinTech, completed another milestone in its product rollout plan. Stock traders can now choose from more than 800 US stocks, eligible to participate in Darwinex's seed allocation programme.

The eligible stock universe includes the 800 most liquid US stocks like Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and many others. Equity based Indexes are a long-requested feature on the platform, which already offers more than 3,000 FX and commodities strategies to investors.

Darwinex will seed equity based indexes - which it calls "DARWINs". The seed programme allocates up to €90 million notional a year to the most compelling indices, paying providers 15% performance. Indices will open up for 3rd party capital as a next step.

"Our vision is to be the online platform where traders monetize investor capital, at next to zero cost. Supporting US stocks is another milestone in supporting all major asset classes and broadens the investable talent pool. We'll pave the way for investors by seeding €90 million and open indices to retail and professional investors very soon". Darwinex co-founder and CEO, Juan Colón, said.

In addition to US Equities, Darwinex already on-boards futures-based strategy providers. Providers accrue track-records in over 60 future contracts via Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation (TWS). Futures based strategies will follow the equity path - enter the seed programme first and open to investor capital thereafter.


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