Sber opens Registration for International Online AI Journey Contest 2021 with Prize Pool Topping RUB 8 mn

  • Artificial Intelligence , Banking
  • 30.09.2021 09:05 am

Sber is accepting entries for AI Journey Contest 2021, an online artificial intelligence (AI) competition held annually with the top tech companies since 2016.

Participants are invited to register and complete the challenges until October 31. The competition winners will share the prize pool overshooting RUB 8 mn (~$110K). The authors of the best solutions will be awarded during AI Journey 2021 Conference in November.

This is the first time that AI Journey Contest will be held on DSWorks, a platform using the capacities of Russia’s fastest supercomputer, the Christofari, which was created by Sber.

The three challenges available to contest participants are:


1) Fusion Brain Challenge — train multimodal, multi-task and multilingual models, a dominant trend on the way to creating artificial general intelligence (AGI). Contenders are invited to design a model capable of coping efficiently with each of the proposed subtasks:
  • Zero-shot Object Detection — identify the class, location, and scale of an object in a photograph
  • Visual Q&A — generate a text to answer a question about a picture
  • Handwritten Text Recognition — recognize a handwritten text in a picture
  • Code2code Translation — translate code from Java to Python.
2) NoFireWithAI — an AI for Social Good challenge presented in partnership with Russia’s EMERCOM. Contenders are invited to create a model that predicts the likelihood of wildfires. Its predictions are set to be used to prevent emergencies in Russian regions.
3) AITrain — yet another socially important challenge presented in partnership with the Russian Railways Holding. Contenders are invited to develop a model that will use the available photographs to identify elements of railway infrastructure and obstacles on railroads. Solutions to problems like that are crucial when creating intelligent systems that help to reduce the influence of human errors.

To participate in the competition, you must be 18 or older.

Alexander Vedyakhin, first deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“Every year, AI Journey brings together dozens of thousands of people from all over the world, both artificial intelligence and data science professionals and modern technology enthusiasts. In just a few years, the conference has become a key global platform to address the prospects for AI and DS evolution. The developers and specialists participating in the conference have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their talents in solving urgent AI application problems, including AGI ones, and make names for themselves around the world. I invite everyone to try and compete in the AI Journey Contest 2021 and wish you success!”

This year’s AI Journey 2021 Conference, a key event of Russia’s Year of Science and Technology, will be held on November 10–12, 2021. Register on the conference website to watch AI Journey 2021.

Last year’s AI Journey was the largest AI/DS event in the world, with approximately 30,000 experts from over 100 countries participating. The conference featured 225 speakers, and their presentations garnered over 30 million views.

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