MDOTM to Advise on AI within Mistra’s $5.5M Biodiversity Research Program

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 26.04.2022 11:05 am

MDOTM, the European leader in AI-driven investment strategies, will advise on Artificial Intelligence within the $5.5M research program funded by MISTRA – the government-backed Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research – as an industrial partner of the BIOPATH consortium hosted by Lund University. MDOTM will bring its AI expertise to map, evaluate, and co-develop new approaches to integrate biodiversity into financial decision-making. The programs’ network of institutional investors, academic and industrial partners include Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University, European Investment Bank, AP2, Swedbank and SEB.

MDOTM’s track record of applied research in AI and its ongoing research collaboration with the University of Gothenburg were notable building blocks for this grant. MDOTM successfully partnered with the School of Business, Economics & Law at the University of Gothenburg to advise PhD and Master's students. The firm’s research centre – the MDOTM LAB – collaborates with professors on new research at the intersection between Machine Learning and ESG investing submitted to the Journal of ESG investing via the S&P Global Academic Challenge.

 The program proposal was reviewed by an international expert panel at MISTRA that evaluated each proposal's academic leadership, scientific contribution, and impact. Over the last six years, MDOTM has become one of the largest investment-focused AI teams, with more than 40 physicists, data scientists and finance professionals. Financial institutions across Europe, the US, the UK, and the Nordics leverage ALICE® – MDOTM’s proprietary AI technology – to enhance their investment process and launch new investment products. In 2021, the company became the first AI-Driven advisor to sign the UN-sponsored Principles for Responsible Investments.

 Susanne Arvidsson, PhD, Programme Director at BIOPATH and Associate Professor in Finance at LUSEM, commented: “Together with its partners, the BIOPATH programme will develop new approaches to incorporate biodiversity into financial decision-making. We’ll work to develop, innovate and test the most effective solutions needed to stop and reverse biodiversity loss. In this process, we will utilise the potential of digital innovation and AI expertise.”

Viktor Elliot, PhD, Senior Lecturer and Bitlab Director at the University of Gothenburg commented: “I’m proud of the multitude of significant industry leaders that joined the BIOPATH consortium to improve the functioning of our economic system in safeguarding nature. MDOTM’s proven track record and applied research approach are invaluable in the creation of actional solutions that leverage technology to make biodiversity visible for institutional investors and other key financial decision-makers.”

Tommaso Migliore, CEO and Founder of MDOTM, commented: “We are proud to see MDOTM advise on AI in one of Europe’s most ambitious research projects alongside primary financial institutions and sustainability thought-leaders. It is a strong sign of the scientific rigour of our R&D team and the reliability of our AI technology. This will accelerate our ongoing commitment to support our institutional clients with the best technology for investment decision-making.

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