Major New Announcements from OutSystems at NextStep 2022

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 17.11.2022 05:20 pm

At its NextStep customer conference hosted this week, OutSystems made a series of announcements that further secure its position as a pioneer in the high-performance, low-code category.

First off the blocks is an interesting implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its new OutSystems AI Mentor System. This enhanced solution claims to provide a comprehensive set of AI-based development, security, and quality analysis tools that provide expert-level assistance across the most critical areas of the software development lifecycle. The AI Mentor System has been introduced to simplify life for IT teams, making it easier for them to optimise their architecture for performance, identify and fix security-related coding errors. This can also lead to a reduction in technical debt and wasted development time.

Over time, OutSystems has been applying AI across its platform and the entire software development lifecycle to benefit developers, tech leads, and architects create software much faster and with enterprise-grade quality. OutSystems states that its AI Mentor System aids developers at every development step, providing intuitive, in-the-moment help when they need it. The AI Mentor System also automates repetitive tasks, eliminates tedious work, and validates applications before they go into production to ensure they are built and maintained to the highest possible quality standards. Each of the AI Mentors effectively serve as developers’ assistants, improving the development process for dramatic efficiency.

The second announcement relates to the introduction of a new cloud-native development solution. Called OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC), it is a high-performance low-code solution for building cloud-native applications. The company states that ODC sets a new standard in what is possible with low-code development and delivers the enterprise-grade capabilities required to build strategic, mission-critical applications.

In terms of technological highlights, ODC combines a state-of-the-art architecture based on Kubernetes, Linux containers, microservices and AWS native cloud services with DORA high performer-level CI/CD, enterprise-grade security, and the unmatched productivity of visual, model-based development. The unified and powerful development system fulfils the broadest range of software development needs, including building mission-critical software. The Platform comprises OutSystems 11 (O11), OutSystems 11 Cloud (O11 Cloud) and ODC. The platform offers IT leaders and developers solutions based on their development goals and technology requirements, with a focus on building serious applications, achieving serious productivity, and enabling a continuous innovation cycle for business growth, scale and competitiveness.

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