With the Largest Offering of AI-Powered Training Models, Digital Reasoning and Corlytics Lead Market in Regulatory Mapping Capabilities

With the Largest Offering of AI-Powered Training Models, Digital Reasoning and Corlytics Lead Market in Regulatory Mapping Capabilities
19.06.2019 12:32 pm

With the Largest Offering of AI-Powered Training Models, Digital Reasoning and Corlytics Lead Market in Regulatory Mapping Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Reasoning, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that understands human intentions and behaviors, and Corlytics, the world leader in calculating and analyzing regulation as a risk, are collaborating to deliver one of the highest volumes of pre-trained models available to the financial sector. Combining Digital Reasoning’s ability to harness human communication through AI with Corlytics’s evidence-based approach, financial organizations can more effectively monitor communications channels for market manipulation or regulation infractions.

“Our work with Digital Reasoning is a long-term investment in AI-powered, evidence-based modeling,” said Mike O’Keefe, General Manager at Corlytics. “The ability to use AI to effectively interpret intent and behavior tied to our regulatory mapping differentiates our offering from stale, legacy solutions that simply focus on lexicon and rule-based approaches.”

Digital Reasoning offers 70 models in four key focus areas: core natural language processing (NLP) and communication-based, content-based filters, behavioral-based, and conduct language. Available models range from mature production-quality options to advanced capabilities emerging from R&D. Digital Reasoning offers its conduct models in English, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese to support global firms.

Through its partnership with Corlytics, Digital Reasoning’s models have already been mapped to over 42 regulatory provisions covering different regulatory components such as Market Manipulation, Insider Trading, Bribery, Complaints Handling, Fraud, Client/Investor Confidentiality, Mis-sellings & Suitability, Disclose to Market, and Arrears Handling with penalties summing £2,144,124,656 just in UK based market. The company has a goal of further expanding its regulatory use cases globally over the next year. As an example, Digital Reasoning’s AI-based pre-trained models like Quid Pro Quo (QPQ) - one of the company’s primary tools for helping clients detect market manipulation, insider trading, conflict of interest, and bribery - aligns with a growing list of financial provisions related to criminal law.

"Taking a pure AI approach to our analysis has allowed Digital Reasoning to build a wide suite of models that effectively reduce false positives and improve the efficiency of compliance teams," said Uday Kamath, Chief Analytics Officer at Digital Reasoning. “Combining our AI expertise with Corlytics’s evidence-based approach provides financial organizations the ability to easily monitor internal communications and protect their organization from new regulatory risks and penalties.”

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