The European project COPA EUROPE led by Worldline creates a New Technologic Environment in the field of Sports and eSports.

  • Artificial Intelligence , Blockchain , Payments
  • 12.07.2021 01:15 pm

Combine the streaming services with AI technologies and blockchain

  • The aim is to improve consumer accessibility and participation by providing consumers with access to personalised live content enriched by contributions from other users.
  • COPA EUROPE will also use Artificial Intelligence technologies to generate personalised content tailored to users' preferences and needs.
  • With blockchain technology, both professionals and fans of sports and eSports will be directly involved in the buying/selling of content.

Worldline, the European leader in payment and transactional services, is leading the COPA EUROPE project under the auspices of the European Commission (DirectorateGeneral for Communications Networks, Content and Technology), which aims to develop new technologies for the generation, distribution and consumption of advanced and personalised digital content in the field of sports and eSports.

COPA EUROPE will implement a cloud-based infrastructure to collect, host, transcode (adapt to different encoding formats) and distribute digital content from European sporting events. The platform will encompass all the necessary services, building blocks and 5G connectivity to provide an end-to-end service, including collaborative content generation and multi-channel distribution from anywhere in high-quality interactive formats.

Thanks to blockchain technology, both sports broadcasting professionals and sports and eSports fans will be at the centre of the decision-making process for the purchase/sale of content, agreeing the terms and conditions in an agile, automatic and transparent way, and maintaining the option to unsubscribe at any time. This ensures the immediate compensation agreed with the authors of the content, preserving their ownership rights over the content.

COPA EUROPE will also use Artificial Intelligence technologies to generate personalised content tailored to users' preferences and needs, which will enable European content providers to deliver more and better products leading to the expansion of their subscriber base through better quality services and, as a result, higher returns on investment.

Furthermore, in the particular case of eSports, COPA EUROPE will draw on transmedia storytelling technologies for the distribution of stories across multiple channels, complementary to the narrative media, to create a unified and complete entertainment experience that is far more rewarding to experience than the sum of its individual components.

According to Toni Paradell, R&D Manager at Worldline Iberia"Our project aims to bring the most advanced technologies to the sports and eSports sector. We are however aware of the very difficult times that the leisure, culture and sports sectors are going through, but precisely such a situation motivates us even more to work hand in hand with all the relevant actors in COPA EUROPE's ambition to contribute to the activation and recovery of these sectors".


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