Moneyhub launches innovative features to help businesses springboard the build of next-gen fintech solutions

  • APIs , Payments , Data
  • 18.08.2020 02:46 pm

●      Projects feature allows tagging and tracking of all financial activity and assets relating to specific goals, projects or portfolios

●      Transaction attachment tool to better manage receipts, expenses, insurance claims and tax returns 

●      Branded content hub now available to white label clients to surface personalised content to employees and customers

Market leading Open Finance data and intelligence platform  Moneyhub , has launched its latest innovative suite of fintech features. Clients using Moneyhub’s APIs have the option to simply switch on these new features allowing them to get to market faster, without needing to develop the features themselves. In addition, clients who have white labelled Moneyhub’s personal financial management platform can use these new features to springboard existing propositions, bringing their products and services to life.

Moneyhub’s new ‘Projects’ feature allows users to track and monitor all transactional activity and assets related to specific projects. This gives the user a true understanding of the financial status and impact of the projec’. This feature goes way beyond traditional categorisation, by enabling users to tag transactions across financial accounts, and include assets such as properties and investments within the project. For example, a professional landlord can now track the performance of properties or their portfolio against other investments. While someone saving for a house can track their progress across multiple providers, and goals such as home renovation projects or holidays can be planned and monitored.  All tagged activity and assets are grouped together and presented back to the user in an easily viewable format, delivering a truly accurate picture of their project and enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Moneyhub has also launched ‘Transaction Attachment’, enabling users to easily upload, store and access attachments linked to transactions within Moneyhub, such as photos, receipts, and warranties. This not only delivers a safe and reliable document storage solution, but will also enable better expense management. In addition, high value purchases can be tracked for insurance purposes and coupled with Moneyhub’s categorisation engine while the completion of tax returns becomes an automated process. 

Exclusively for Moneyhub’s white label clients, the new ‘Content Hub’ empowers them to create their own branded microsites within the platform. The hub is fully controlled by the client and allows them to directly interact with users by surfacing personalised commercial and editorial content to them via articles, videos and more. This provides a more impactful way to communicate with users, and significantly strengthens the engagement drive on the platform.

Connecting to thousands of financial institutions, Moneyhub is the largest financial data aggregation provider in the UK and the most comprehensive on the market. Users of the Moneyhub platform can see all their financial information in one place, including mortgages, loans, savings, pensions, investments properties, credit cards and current accounts. 

Dan Scholey, COO of Moneyhub comments: “The enterprises we partner with value our work as innovators and we are constantly collaborating with them to create features that will benefit their customers and employees. Open Finance gives users the tools to manage their money better, and with these features they can do this even better. This ultimately benefits our enterprise clients who can create more meaningful relationships with their clients and employees.”

“Our goal at Moneyhub is to help our clients be at the forefront of their industry and we are constantly innovating to create new features on the platform with this goal in mind. Having the option to switch on these new features enables clients to benefit from our innovative thinking without investing the time to create such features themselves. They can focus on what they do best with the knowledge that we are doing what we do best.”

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