Australia’s Hay Group Launches Shaype

  • APIs
  • 03.05.2022 08:10 am

Australia’s Hay Group is launching Shaype to redefine what is possible in financial  innovation, fintech and embedded financial experiences.  

Since launching the Hay as a Service (HaaS) offering in 2020, the team and the  platform’s capabilities have grown and evolved reflecting the strong demand from  clients for better financial innovation solutions. 

The key attributes delivered to clients include project acceleration and derisking  technology execution for start-ups as well as established suppliers who can use  the powerful and flexible platform to bring new products to market.  

The business has established a reputation for speed, flexibility, control, strong  working relationships and a partnership approach. 

To continue to build on this strong foundation, Hay as a Service (HaaS) has today  become Shaype.  

Hay Group Founder & CEO Andrew Laycock said:  

“Customers want new and flexible ways of dealing with their finances and  businesses are seeing a huge opportunity to deliver financial experiences  differently.  

“Our new brand represents the ambition and evolution of our wholesale financial  technology platform which we launched in 2020 to provide single API access to a  full suite of powerful financial microservices. Shaype reflects our passion to  redefine what is possible in financial innovation.”  

Leveraging the opportunity and success in the Australian market, Shaype is a  global business with locations in Sydney, London, Belfast and Warsaw.  

Key industry partners of Shaype include AWS, VISA, Apple and Google.

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