Tempo Teams Up with Sumsub to Ensure Bulletproof Fraud Protection and KYC Compliance

  • AML and KYC
  • 15.12.2022 11:20 am

Tempo France, a Paris-based money transfer company, has partnered up with Sumsub, a global all-in-one verification platform to effectively verify users, secure customer data processing and comply with the latest KYC/AML regulations.

With transactions getting faster and growing in number, as well as the growth of blockchain, the importance of KYC/AML will further increase. Thanks to Sumsub, the AML compliance tasks required by French regulator ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution, supported by the Banque de France), have been successfully met by Tempo.

This partnership also provides Tempo with a full range of KYC services, including automatic and uninterrupted user data exchange that determines suspicious activity and client trustworthiness with the highest degree of accuracy. As a result, money transfers are kept safe from money laundering and fraud.

Both Tempo and Sumsub believe more companies should join forces in the development of a more transparent and efficient fintech market, where customers are as protected from fraud as possible. Plus, the security and KYC/AML compliance challenges of the future will require more in-depth, collaborative approaches.

"Tempo France is committed to using the latest technology to improve the efficiency, transparency and security of money transfers. At the same time, we have a license issued by the Bank of France. This imposes strict compliance obligations. And that is where KYC plays a great role and is also why the joint project with Sumsub is so important for us. It gives access to the most advanced customer data processing solutions and minimizes the risks of fraud and money laundering through the system", – says Alla Zhedik, CEO of Tempo France.

"We are glad to offer our all-in-one verification platform to global digital payments providers like Tempo, making money transfers more accessible to people worldwide. With Sumsub’s KYC, KYB, transaction monitoring and AML solutions, it’s easier for businesses to expand to international markets and increase their client base while staying fully compliant with regulations and ensuring bulletproof fraud protection", – adds Andrew Sever, Co-Founder and CEO of Sumsub.

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