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  • Cody Winton, CEO and Co-founder, Credntia

  • 02.11.2016 11:08 am


Financial IT speaks with Cody Winton ,CEO and Co-founder of Credntia about the unique digital indentification platform where people can safely store their personal data.

Financial IT: What is most exciting about Credntia?

Cody: Credntia is a truly unique digital identification management platform that gives people access to all of their most vital credentials on their personal tablets or mobile devices. From driver's licenses, to passports, to insurance cards, people can consolidate their identity documents into our app and have peace-of-mind knowing their credentials are safe, secure and always with them thanks to cloud storage, data encryption and Touch ID verification. Credntia was established 2 years ago in Birmingham, Ala. and has a broad international team with deep knowledge and huge experience.

Financial IT: Is Credntia a B2C product?

Cody: Since 2014, Credntia has been mainly focused on a B2C business model.  Today we are moving towards the opportunity for our app to be purchased and utilized by third party vendors as part of any employee or customer-facing identity initiative. We definitely plan to continue exploring the B2B sector moving forward.

Financial IT: Can you share a real-life case of Credntia in use? What value does the product bring to consumers?

Cody:  The best testimonial example would be a case when one of our customers got into a car accident, but unfortunately forgot his physical wallet at home. The police officer who wanted to check his license to make sure that the car wasn’t stolen was able to verify the driver’s identity using the Credntia app, which happened to be downloaded on the driver’s mobile device.

Credntia is a universal solution that people can use in their daily life to verify their identity while travelling, booking a ticket, checking-in, getting a loan, verifying their identity to make a purchase, etc. Convenience and high-level security are two major benefits of the product in comparison to physical wallets, which can easily be lost or stolen, and possibly fall into the wrong hands.

Financial IT: How can a consumer start using the app? Where can consumers download the app?

Cody: Credntia is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Both versions can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play for free. Once downloaded, consumers can create an account with their email or social account, and instantly upload and store their valid credentials by taking a picture of the front and back sides, and barcodes.

Financial IT: How safe is the app?

Cody: Whatever the document, credential or certification, Credntia knows security and peace-of-mind are paramount for customers. And there are a number of ways we keep consumers’ credentials and information safe and secure. Credntia has taken extra steps on both the front and backends of the app, with safeguards such as military-grade encryption and Touch ID verification. What’s more is Credntia has achieved HIPAA Compliance and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 compliance for the medical and payment industries.

Financial IT: Do you have any plans to expand the product into the financial industry?

Cody: When it comes to financial or banking systems, identity is crucial. We know that digital wallets are very popular nowadays, but for some reason, they are still missing the important element of identity management. This is apparent when using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, as people still need to pull out their physical credentials to complete their purchase and verify themselves. Credntia can help by providing the ability to easily switch from mobile wallet or banking app to Credntia to digitally access a form of ID needed to complete the transaction. This significant and longstanding gap to more widespread mobile wallet adoption and usage can easily be filled with a digital identity platform like Credntia.

Cody Winton is CEO and Co-founder of Credntia, the world’s leading digital identity management platform. An entrepreneur, developer and a social leader in the identity management space, Cody leads the company’s business in personal identity management systems and its culture of empowering people to be who they are in the world. To learn more, visit www.credntia.com.


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