Unrivaled Access to Transactional Data through ARM Insight’s New Research Tool – Enlightmint

  • Randy Koch, CEO at ARM Insight

  • 03.03.2020 11:02 am

An exclusive interview with Randy Koch, CEO at ARM Insight.


Could you please tell more about ARM Insight and what kind of products you are showcasing?


ARM Insight is a data company at its core. We look to provide companies with actionable insights from financial/transaction data, while at the same time keeping data privacy and security top of mind through an innovative process of creating synthetic data for use in both internal and external data activities. We have a patent-pending product called ARM MimicTM that transforms billions of raw transaction data from legacy technologies into actionable information, which delivers timely, accurate insights that can be used for machine learning, artificial intelligence, data monetization and other strategic use cases.


Who are your primary customers?


Our primary customers are financial services organizations that are looking to transform their legacy data into safe and secure, actionable information that can be used internally or shared externally with trusted third parties. We also have customers in the investment services, retail, and eCommerce space who are looking for transaction data insights to help complement their investment strategies and data initiatives.


What is the Enlightmint Research Tool? How do customers benefit from the tool?


Enlightmint offers professionals in the investment services industry access to an intuitive, SaaS-based dashboard tool composed of key business metrics powered by a database of financial card transactions. These dashboards can be configured to reveal spending and revenue trends for specific merchants and stock tickers (over 1,600 merchants and over 430 stock tickers) or for specific industries, including consumer technology, brick and mortar and online retail, restaurants, streaming services and more.  Enlightmint users are able to access one of the largest consumer transaction panels, with the broadest demographic and geographic coverage available today, to identify key consumer payment insights. With three years of historical transaction data, Enlightmint also provides visibility into groups that are traditionally underrepresented in other transaction data sets, including Millennials, Generation X, Gen Z, as well as early adopters of innovative financial products. By registering for the Enlightmint product now, users will be part of the first wave of professionals to have access to a transactional data panel tailored specifically to the investment research process. Users can now register at https://enlightmint.arminsight.com.

How does the new tool provide protection for private data?


Enlightmint’s transaction data is sourced directly from financial institutions and payments companies, providing unparalleled insights across nearly all payment types. The data that powers Enlightmint has been processed through the ARM MimicTM synthetic data engine. Mimic eliminates all personally identifiable information (PII) within the raw transactional logs by creating a synthetic representation of every transaction. The synthetic data maintains statistically-accurate transaction information without carrying any of the risks associated with consumer privacy, allowing Enlightmint to fit well within the compliance requirements of most investment firms. 


Are there solutions and/or tools you are developing that you can share?


Enlightmint is our newest solution that we have launched to the market.  There are additional innovative solutions in the pipeline. 

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