Unbound - Uncovering the Power of Innovation

Daniel Seal

Founder & CEO at Unbound
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Unbound - Uncovering the Power of Innovation

12.09.2019 12:13 pm

Financial IT speaks to Daniel Seal, Founder & CEO at Unbound.  

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Unbound which bridges the gap between entrepreneurs, corporate business and governments to fuel a digital future. Daniel is a mentor & advisor to several leading startup accelerators around the world including - Plug & Play, Start Up Stadium Taiwan & H Farm.

Could you please tell us more about Unbound and your background?

“Unbound was set up to create a platform that connects corporates and governments to the innovation ecosystem – the large and diverse range of resources and participants that are necessary and contribute to continuous innovation in an economy. We do this through our advisory work in helping build and create these innovation ecosystems and innovation events around the world.”

“I am a serial entrepreneur. In the past, I have built tech companies in the digital innovation space and was an elected politician in the UK for a few years, but right now my passion is building and creating these innovation ecosystems. In helping to create these entrepreneurial communities, all these fantastic ideas and companies have the best chance of success.”

What makes Unbound unique among its competitors?

“What makes Unbound so unique is that we connect various components of the innovation ecosystem that wouldn’t normally be connected together. We bring together corporates, brands and governments in order to fuel this discussion on how the world could be transformed through creating a digital society, a digital economy and enabling digital governments. It is the bringing together of these key stakeholders that makes Unbound unique.”

What are the issues and challenges that Unbound is facing?

“I think the biggest challenge affecting the industry is the disconnect between how everybody is wanting to have startups, create innovation ecosystems and making sure they are meaningful, but not understanding how to work and engage with these startups and entrepreneurs.”

“Naturally, being a global company, Unbound faces different challenges around the world. All these regions have their own unique strengths and shortcomings and what is exciting for us is to embrace all these differences and approach each region accordingly. Innovation and opportunities can be found all over the world, our aim is to help maximise their potential.”

What is the market demand at this present time?

“What we are seeing is rapid digital transformation happening around the world. Every industry is being disrupted. Every industry is requiring change and every industry is wanting to embrace this industrial revolution 4.0 that is occurring and the new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. What we are doing is helping facilitate this and be a part of this. This is what we at Unbound are experiencing on a daily basis.”

Could you please tell me more about the upcoming FinTech AD Tour?

“We are really excited to be partnering and working with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) on their FinTech event happening in October. Abu Dhabi is an award-winning innovation centres, financial centre and leader in the region. One of the key aspects of the tour is going around the world sharing the opportunities Abu Dhabi offers and hoping those in attendance will come and participate in FinTech Abu Dhabi and become part of what we are trying to create together there.”

What is next for Unbound?

“We want to grow and organise more innovation festivals around the world in order to bring more corporates together and showcase more amazing opportunities for the innovation ecosystem to participate in. These opportunities can be found everywhere they just need to be encouraged.” 

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