Order reprints

Reprints are high quality reproductions of published articles on a variety of media, enhanced by customization options.  
E-prints are PDFs of articles that can be hosted on a website for access by multiple users.  E-prints are print-enabled, allowing users to print the PDF.
Custom reprints are offered for any article in Financial IT magazine or on financialit.net

• Reprints can be up to 32 pages in length
• Black and white or color
• Editing and design services available
• Available in orders of 100–100,000
• Allow two weeks for delivery
• Customized electronic reports (PDF files) also available
Any customized articles from Financial IT magazine or website will be reprinted in their entirety, and no changes should be done to the editorial content. Financial IT Copyright information will appear on all reprints.

For reprint or permission information please contact: sales@financialit.net or katherine.emirosan@financialit.net