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  • Inge Rune Tetlie, Kjetil Idås, Frederik Shoop and Karoline Alice Idås , Founder, COO, Digital Marketing Manager and Chief Partner & Marketing Manager at TidyPay

  • 21.04.2021 01:19 pm

TidyPay's Inge Rune Tetlie (Founder), Kjetil Idås (COO), Frederik Shoop (Digital Marketing Manager) and Karoline Alice Idås (Chief Partner & Marketing Manager) about the company, unique features, challenges and future plans.

Financial IT: Can you please tell us more about your background? What’s the story behind the founding TidyPay.

Inge Rune Tetlie: After working in the Retail and Payment Business for 30 years, I have been constantly searching for a solution that covers both payment and accounting capabilities. With the new emerging all-in-one payment terminals, we found an unexplored bridge between the two worlds. So by hosting cloud-based cash registers and payment software on the same POS terminal we felt we had a Columbus egg.  So by joining forces with people that have long experience with accounting systems, and cash registers, and payment terminals we developed the product and the brand Tidypay.

Kjetil Idås: I have worked with digitization all my life in everything from software together with Inge Rune, with Microsoft when they came to Norway and a lot in digital education and digital school. So when Inge Rune came to me three years ago with this idea and software I understood this was something special.

Financial IT: What is unique about TidyPay and how does the company do to stand out among its competitors?

Karoline Alice Idås: We have certified our solution in most pan-European countries. So we have a one size fits all solution for all ISV's that need to operate in more than one country. We also have joint forces with SUNMI which maybe is the fastest-growing POS supplier in Europe.

As an underdog to the well-established more slowly moving players in the payment industry, we have the possibility to be aggressive and flexible enough to take a considerable market share in Europe. We have absolutely one of the most appealing products in the market, especially targeting the untapped mobile payment industry like hospitality, locksmiths, and plumbers.

Financial IT: What are the main challenges facing your company during Covid-19?

Inge Rune Tetlie: Most of our prime target is mobile businesses, and that is probably the worst-hit market by Covid-19.  So there is a lot of businesses going bankrupt, and there is a lot of scepticism regarding investing in basically anything. So of course, this has harmed us a lot.

Financial IT: In your opinion, what has been the biggest advancement in your company during the pandemic?

Inge Rune Tetlie: We are small and moved quickly around to focused on e-commerce and click and collect solutions, so by being a multi-channel payment provider we can give support to the world screaming for alternatives to card-present payments. Many merchants have not even thought about having an alternative way of selling their goods. 

Karoline Alice Idås: We have been working hard on turning it around and learn how to work smarter. We looked at how to specialize our marketing in Scandinavia and Europe. Testing a lot and evaluating how the market responds. We are working with our partners and building partners that have the same goal as us “Making payment easy”, and working more closely with them now in 20/21 than before. In all Covid-19 has made us work a bit smarter and evaluating more, and we are all now waiting for the same. That the world will open and be the same again.

Frederik Shoop: During the pandemic, we have learned how to work remotely as a team and being aware of the “digital workplace”. We learned how to work in teams on various digital platforms, and how important it is for us and our customers to interact on these platforms. Which helped us at intern-communication and being more efficient in sales by approaching potential customers with a new digital strategy.

Financial IT: Looking forward to one year, what are the main changes that you expect to take place? What's next for TidyPay

Inge Rune Tetlie: The next big shift in trends is having the possibility to take payments with customer-grade equipment like a Samsung mobile phone. This will probably revolutionize the micro SMB merchants and field payments. Especially will this turn the world upside down in the third world, where they will go straight from cash to contactless payments on COTS device?  Like they went from sending letters to 4G mobile networks that work for anyone with a solar panel on their roof. 

Kjetil Idås: I think we are a payment company that has activity throughout Europe and is on its way to the USA and Asia with our partners. Tidypay is well integrated with a number of ISV solutions and is ready for both SoftPOS payment and other new payment methods.

Tidypay will love to be part of this ride!

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