Intertrust-Enabling Global Businesses to Grow Sustainably

Stephanie Miller

CEO at Intertrust
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Intertrust-Enabling Global Businesses to Grow Sustainably

19.06.2019 01:02 pm

1) Could you please tell us more about the background of Intertrust?

Intertrust is a global leader in providing expert administrative services to clients operating and investing in the international business environment. We provide services to multinational corporations, financial institutions, fund managers, high net worth individuals and family offices.

We’re a publicly listed company (Euronext Amsterdam: INTER), operating in 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and Americas and have a team of 2,500 employees. As of today, having acquired Viteos, we’ve expanded our team to 3,200 professionals. The Viteos acquisitions gives us a meaningful presence in the U.S. and increased exposure to funds, and the combined group holds a top 10 position in U.S. fund administration providing mission-critical services to asset managers.

2) What value does Intertrust bring to customers? Could you explain to us how it works in practice?

Our purpose is to enable global businesses to grow sustainably. By helping our clients with their administrative challenges, we allow our clients to focus on growing their business. By implementing solutions for our clients, we facilitate their ability to operate their business efficiently and responsibly. And by focusing on compliance, business ethics and transparency, we support our clients in fulfilling their legal, administrative and regulatory duties in international business. The acquisition brings new clients – such as Hedge - as well as new services and technology solutions to our existing client base.

3) What are the emerging trends you see in the industry today and how does Intertrust address these new challenges and trends?

What clients have in common is that they want to grow their business in an increasingly complex environment. There's increased globalization in businesses, increased complexity and a need for technology. We want to focus our technology foundation for our clients' needs, and we want to focus our technology foundation also to serve the purpose of Intertrust, to bring us value as well. Viteos is at the forefront of digitising and automating fund administration with leading-edge technologies including blockchain, workflow automation, RPA, and digitalisation/OCR. Leveraging these tools, the combined group will have the potential to drive incremental revenue growth through service innovation and reduce costs through service automation.

4) What are the milestones of the future that the company wants to achieve?

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the Viteos team is becoming part of Intertrust. Our focus will be on continuing to provide our clients with highest level of service as well as bringing them industry-leading technology solutions; fast-track our standardisation, centralisation and shared services initiatives, improving the efficiency and quality of our services; and integrate and further grow the business.

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