Top 12 Crypto Startups to Watch in 2019

Financial IT at Financial IT

Looking forward from December 2018, one can see three reasons why the coming year will be a key one Read more »

The Insurtech Revolution: a Survival Guide

Jerome Bugnet Industry technology evangelist at MuleSoft

The insurance industry is undergoing massive change as traditional providers race to digitally transform Read more »

Data protection – how compliant are you, really?

Rebecca Edwards Product Marketing Manager at Redgate Software

The way we do business has evolved. Looking back just 30 years, we can agree by comparison to today's Read more »

How The Major Breaches In 2018 Showed Us That It’s Time For Consumers To Take Greater Control Of Their Cards

Rachna Ahlawat co-founder at Ondot Systems

A few months ago British Airways became one of the latest big-name brands to suffer a major data breach Read more »

Data Virtualisation: Putting an end to conflict in an organisation

Robert Eve Senior Director at TIBCO Software

Everyone suffers from having too much information. There is no shame in that. There is only so much you Read more »

Money laundering and its vicious impact on legitimate trade

Hazem Mulhim CEO at EastNets

Trade-based money laundering can create a barrier to entrepreneurship, crowding out legitimate economic Read more »

How Do Banks Build and Maintain Trust?

Katie Macc Chief Commercial Officer and Cofounder at Juntos Global

Banking Transactions Shifted Channels, but Relationships Didn’t In the 1946 American movie “It’s a Read more »

Using Cloud to Relieve the Compliance Burden

Javid Khan Chief Cloud Officer at Pulsant

A recent survey of more than 360 enterprises revealed that 86% are dealing with the complexity of Read more »

KYC remediation: Don’t let outdated customer information expose you to risk

Ed Lloyd Executive Vice President, Global Sales at encompass corporation

Regulatory and reputational drivers for KYC and customer remediation When we talk about remediation, Read more »

FCA shifts stance on ML and AI

Richard Price Head of FSI, UK & Ireland at TIBCO

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s banking watchdog, has signalled a new and much more Read more »


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