RBS invests in 'robo-advisers'

  • Neil Kinson, VP EMEA at Redwood Software

  • 14.03.2016 12:15 pm
  • undisclosed

RBS’s latest move to replace staff with ‘robo-advisers’ may seem like doom and gloom for the idea of the traditional labour market as we know it- but this needn’t be the case. Despite popular opinion, the rise of robots, ‘smart robotics' or in this specific instance, ‘robo-advisers’ can actually transform how people have always done business into how they have always wanted to do business- and more importantly- in the way that best suits today’s busy consumer.

New technologies and innovations such as robo-advice services, that streamline and ‘shake-up’ the modern banking experience are all very well and good, but retail banks, e-commerce sites and other areas of industry can look to take this one step further by investing in Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Enterprise RPA can replace slow, manual and error-prone activities with smart robots that help drive greater efficiencies across business processes. This allows staff- from banking staff to CFOs- to redefine their job roles and focus their time and attention on more innovative tasks that can add real value to the business.

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