PSR Announcement Ushers in New Era for Payments Innovation

PSR Announcement Ushers in New Era for Payments Innovation

Alain Falys

CEO and co-founder at Yoyo Wallet

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PSR Announcement Ushers in New Era for Payments Innovation

29.07.2016 08:00 am

The Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) announced that the UK payments infrastructure will undergo a reform, in order to increase innovation, competition, and ultimately seek to better serve consumers.

This announcement seeks to break down the current payments status quo which has remained stagnant in this country for too long. The best case scenario is that we now see a flood of innovative competitors coming to the fray - where the needs of consumers, and not the needs of the major payment players, will drive the sector forward.

In a mobile-first world, customers are crying out for more than just a mirroring of the offline payments process In all aspects of online life, consumers have become accustomed to exchanging their data for high-quality, hyper-relevant interactions. It is time payment, a process which straddles online and offline worlds, embraces personalisation too.

It is time for the consumer to be placed front and centre. The first step toward achieving this is recognising the demand for mobile-centric e-wallet payment solutions, and the potential of their personalised offerings. These are offerings which will genuinely relate to the user and provide insight to the retailer.

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