New £10 Note: The Simple Fact Is That Cash Has Had Its Day & We’re Now Fast Becoming A Cashless Society

  • Sophie Guibaud, VP of European Expansion at Fidor Bank

  • 14.09.2017 10:00 am
  • undisclosed

Despite the launch of the new £10 note, the simple fact is that cash has had its day and we’re now fast becoming a cashless society. There are simple reasons why we are moving to a cashless society, with the biggest being that it is inconvenient for consumers due to bulky wallets filled with coins, not to mention how easily it can be stolen.

The move to a cashless world will have huge benefits for consumers. By using cards, every digital transaction is tracked, meaning people have a much better sight of exactly what they’re spending, which will help them to set and stick to budgets.

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