Prytek’s Approach to Investments Yields a Unique Asset Class

  • Arnon Shiboleth, Co-CEO at Prytek

  • 19.10.2021 03:15 pm
  • #investment #asset

Multinational technology group Prytek has created a new investment asset class through its unique structure, services, and technology. 

Traditional investment asset classes such as venture capital and private equity, like other aspects of the finance industry, are changing. For investors, in order to create superior returns, they need to choose investment vehicles that deliver based on unique  strategies. 

Prytek, a multinational technology group, is paving the way by creating a new asset class for investors. Through merging the advantages of VC, Corporate VC and PE funds and diminishing their inherited downsides, Prytek offers  greater returns, lower risk  and on-going liquidity for investors.

Rather than only investing money into companies, Prytek also provides companies with infrastructure and digital transformation solutions through their own technology suite. In doing so, Prytek has been able to create in one of its five operational sectors, the financial sector, a Business Operating Platform as a Service (BOPaaS) that provides clients with a robust selection of services and digital tools. For financial services organizations, it  provides its array of managed services through its UK based Financial Services arm, Delta Capita.

Prytek’s success largely stems from taking a long-term view on its investments which is the opposite route of traditional VC funding or PE which  focus on a three to five-year plan for their start-ups, hoping to exit in the short term. Instead, Prytek focuses on the long-term to establish companies that will last for tens of years and ensure consistent growth throughout the period. Combined with their ecosystem, which fosters collaboration among their companies, Prytek is able to rapidly scale the start-ups’ technology, revenues and global expansion. 

In addition, Prytek’s strategy provides lower risk to investors by building in mechanisms that reduce the risk of market value fluctuation. Prytek’s sector diversification, operating in the financial, cyber, HR and education spaces, provides stability at lower risk. Additionally, Prytek operates in different geographies and generates revenues in multiple currencies which provides a further hedging for its investors.   

Rather than use the traditional fund structure, Prytek is a corporation, which gives investors huge benefits including not charging carried interest and most importantly the ability of Prytek to go public and provide the investors with full liquidity. Prytek plans to go public in the next 12-24 months. 

Founded in 2017, Prytek services more than 250 clients worldwide, maintains offices in eight locations across the globe, and has experienced a 200% growth over the last year with a large part of its investment companies in the process of going public. 

The driving factors in Prytek’s journey have always been a focus on expertise and deep technology. Through its seasoned team of executives and their acquisitions of talent through their investments, Prytek is positioned to continue its growth. 


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