Why FinTech Companies Should Start Managing Packages with Technology

  • Ferdison Cayetano, Content Writer at ButterflyMX

  • 27.01.2023 09:15 am
  • #fintech

Many of today’s communications, like emails, calls, or texts, happen wirelessly. But any company in the financial sector knows that receiving and efficiently processing physical packages is crucial to keeping your business running. 

Over 35 million packages are shipped per day, and that’s a number that’s only going to increase. In today’s world of online work and remote communications, more packages are being delivered than ever. Many FinTech companies are turning to technology to manage package deliveries — and in this post, we’ll explain why and go over the most efficient way for you to use technology to manage your own packages. 

Why is it important for a FinTech company to manage packages?

Being in FinTech means you have to exchange tons of information with clients and customers.  You’re no stranger to exchanging hundreds of gigabytes of data — and if you want to do it quickly and securely, you may already be familiar with employing a bike courier or other messenger that can securely get a flash drive or CD over to another business on the same day.

You might be surprised to learn that, depending on the size of a file, it might actually be faster for a bike courier to run a USB over than it would be to send that file over and have it fully download! 

When a courier comes to your business, they could be delivering anything from one of these USBs to important documents that need immediate signatures. And, on top of that, you also have to deal with other day-to-day deliveries. Whether it’s a massive office supply delivery or just one employee who’s ordered in for lunch, any financial services company is certain to deal with a large number of packages every week. 

Package management considerations

Now, you’re aware that even the most tech-forward financial service company needs an efficient way to manage package deliveries. But what’s the most efficient way to deal with those packages? Any solution needs to keep security and convenience in mind. 

Your foremost concern is security. You might have dozens of delivery drivers dropping off packages of all sizes during the day — and these deliveries might be company-wide or for a single individual, where any of your employees could be the recipient. How deep into your building should you allow a delivery courier? And how do you make sure a delivery courier is really who they say they are?

And while security is important, you also need to keep convenience in mind. A long identity verification process could result in delays that inconvenience your employees and delivery couriers both. 

The best way to manage packages

When it comes to managing packages, you have a few options. You might direct your front desk to manage every package delivery. But that comes with its own drawbacks. Receptionists at your front desk are already busy welcoming guests, answering the phones, and running the day-to-day of your office. Adding a new responsibility to their plate might cause some inefficiencies. 

Instead, you can lean on the advantage that separates your FinTech company from legacy institutions —- an embrace of technology. The best package management solution for a FinTech company is an electronic control system that enables package room functionality.

Instead of wasting time and energy coordinating a delivery among drivers, receptionists, and employees, package rooms save everybody time. Under an electronic package room system, giving a delivery person access to your property would be as simple as sending them a PIN code. The courier uses this PIN to enter, drop their package off, and leave right away — freeing receptionists and employees from the burden of letting each courier in individually.

Even though there are fewer people involved in the process, package room delivery offers higher levels of security. The best package room systems come with cameras that capture time- and date-stamped photos of every PIN usage, giving your staff members an audit trail that they can use to enhance security. 


It’s important for FinTech companies, in particular, to have robust package management systems. As a financial services company, you’re constantly managing a high volume of high-security deliveries. And when you’re managing these deliveries, you have to strike a fine balance between security on your property and keeping access convenient. 

The best way to do this is with an electronic package room that simplifies deliveries while ensuring that staff members aren’t tied up in the delivery process. With a package room in your building, delivery couriers can easily gain access with a PIN code. And this system is highly secure because you’ll be able to match PIN usages to door entry events.

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