Biometric Authentication: The Best Solution for Information Security

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  • 21.10.2019 06:45 am
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There is no doubt that the biometrics system has become one of the most popular security solutions. Before, you may only see the use of biometrics security system in offices, and commercial properties. Today, even phones, gadgets, and other mobile devices are now equipped with biometrics technology. Manufacturers and developers even modified specific features for facial and iris recognition, fingerprint scans, and vascular pattern recognition. They are now more efficient and more accurate.

Apart from security solutions, public and private organizations are also using biometrics technology to monitor attendance, manage authentication, access control time, and to keep track individual performance.

Biometrics Security System: Still on the Rise

Based on the previous report posted by the TechSci Research, the projection for the global biometric market can reach the $25 billion mark by year 2021. As the industry continuous to rise and develop, these systems have become more accurate and more cost-efficient. Moreover, in a recent article published by the Business Wire, the global biometric authentication and identification market is also projected to reach the $52 billion mark in 4 to 5 years from now.

Biometric Authentication: The Best Solution for Information Security

In today’s business world, you need reliable tools and programs to protect sensitive information from any threat. Data breach or information leaks can be quite costly. In fact, a lot of well-known corporations lost a big portion of their profits due to this problem. This includes the Yahoo data breach happened in 2013, which compromised about 500 million users. In November 2018, the Marriot International also had data breach incident compromising over 500 million customers.

The use of biometric authentication technology can amplify information security in many ways. To give you more ideas, here are some of the key features of the new biometric systems:

  • Exhibits Unique Biometric Attributes

One of the basic principles of the biometric technology is it designed to measure and identify unique attributes or traits of its subjects. It can easily detect fingerprints, finger veins, palm veins, facial recognition, lips, iris, and retina. This device works by evaluating the intricate patterns and unique characteristics of an individual. This is why it is quite impossible for anyone to share the key codes with others.

  • Prevents Frauds and Falsification of Documents 

Since the biometrics device uses electronic form to store information and can evaluate unique characteristics, forging signatures and other personal details can also be prevented. Although some brands may still have some loopholes when it comes to authentication system, they are usually fixable and can still provide optimal information security.

  • Provides Fast, Reliable and Accurate Solutions

The newly developed biometric technology is one of the most preferred methods due to its accuracy and reliability. While it may not be 100% accurate, many growing businesses and successful companies are still confident utilizing this technology. Based on the recent findings, the iris recognition system has the best accuracy rate with 1.8% rejection rate. On the other hand, the fingerprint scanning system performed best in terms of false acceptance rate.

  • Performs Scalability Measures

Another advantage of the biometric technology is its scalability measurement tools. Most of their devices feature detailed configuration, which enables you to choose the best customize your measurement accordingly including the volume required of the metrics. It also allows you to cover different areas much easier without compromising security.

  • Offers a Long-Term Solution

One of the reasons many organizations in both public and private sectors are using the biometrics system is because of its durability. In fact, financial experts see it as one of the smartest investments for any business. It provides a long-term solution for both data storage and information security.

  • Simplifies Authentication Processes

In today’s fast-paced business world, you need innovative ways for your operations. With biometric technology, you can simplify several process for everyone. Basic things within the organization such as providing passwords, losing PIN details, and carrying ID cards can be time consuming and could impose information security threats. Having biometrics system can provide a convenient solution for all these.

  • Emphasizes Accountability

Since personal details and other valuable information runs through the biometric authentication, it emphasizes more accountability. You can even check history records to see who is trying to access certain information. This will not only keep accounts and business information secured, but also allows you to streamline your operational process.

  • Features More Integrated Options

Most of the latest biometric systems feature more integrated options making it easier for office admins, team leaders, and managers to facilitate all necessary requirements. You can make configurations using cloud solutions and biometric SDK. Some technologies also allow customized preferences. This means you can integrate your device without coding and based on your business needs to secure data.

  • Enables Remote Access

With the latest biometric technology, you can now access the system using remote and other mobile devices. There’s no need to provide access to unauthorized person in case you need certain requirements in your absence making the process more convenient and secured, as well.

Other Notable Industries Using Biometric Technology

The law enforcement is one of the notable organizations utilizing the biometrics system. This includes sorting and identifying criminal ID solutions via automated finger and palm scanning system. With this technology, they can easily process, store, sort and retrieve all necessary information. Today, the ABIS or Automated Biometric Identification has become a key tool for forensic analysts, as well.

The biometrics system also plays a big role in the healthcare industry. Apart from basic staff management and universal office policies, they also use it as a primary tool to keep important records.

Additional Safety Precautions 

To maximize information security of your organization, you should explore other tools and programs for all your devices. For instance, having efficient antivirus and anti-malware software have become a necessity to every business owner. This helps prevent hundreds of cyber threads across the World Wide Web.

All in all, technological advancements in the biometrics systems have made a huge impact for several business processes and operations. If you’re to streamline your process, this might be a good investment for organization, as well. Just make to choose a reputable service provider.

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