The Importance of Staying On Top of Finances During a Cost-of-living Crisis

  • Fraser Stewart, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Lyfeguard

  • 01.06.2023 10:30 am
  • #finance

In recent times, many have been met with a slew of financial challenges. The rising cost of living, brought on by a culmination of global energy crises, supply chain disruptions, and economic impacts of the pandemic, has resulted in multiple people grappling with financial stress. This new reality has thrust the importance of sound financial management and efficient life administration into the spotlight.

According to the latest research from Lyfeguard, a significant 85 per cent of consumers have reportedly cut back on their spending in at least one area due to the cost-of-living crisis. The areas most affected are those once considered minor luxuries, such as dining out, indulging in takeaways, and socialising with friends and family. The current climate has forced a re-evaluation of spending habits, with many seeking ways to stretch their income further.

While these statistics are disheartening, they are hardly surprising. The current financial squeeze has propelled most into a new era of financial consciousness, where every penny counts. It has underscored the importance of financial literacy, especially among younger generations. Over half of people under 45 believe that enhanced financial literacy would enable them to manage their finances more effectively. This highlights a clear gap and a need for accessible educational resources in this area.

However, financial literacy alone is not enough. It is no longer only about understanding money; it's about having the right systems and tools to manage financial lives efficiently. This is where effective life administration comes in.

Embracing technology can play a crucial role in this endeavour. With the advent of mobile apps and online tools, there are numerous resources available to assist with budgeting, expense tracking, and financial planning. These tools can empower individuals to take control of their finances and make more informed decisions.

Financial organisations, both public and private, are seeing an increase in responsibility to offer accessible financial education programmes. By providing workshops, seminars, and online resources, they can help bridge the gap in financial literacy and equip individuals with the necessary skills to navigate these times of economic turbulence.

The burden of life admin is becoming a significant stressor for many, with research exhibiting that over a third of people reported negative effects on their mental well-being due to life admin stress. This impact is particularly pronounced among early-career individuals, where 57 per cent have acknowledged the strain. Juggling multiple responsibilities, from personal finances to professional tasks, is overwhelming, especially when coupled with the added pressure of the current financial climate.

To combat this, streamlining and simplifying life admin should rise on the agenda. The polling research interestingly revealed that 57 per cent of people would find managing life admin easier if all of their information was stored in one place, indicating a desire for a more integrated and efficient system to manage various responsibilities. Almost half of the respondents also expressed that they'd benefit from an all-in-one life management platform. Therefore, it becomes increasingly clear that there is a demand for solutions that can help navigate the complexities of modern life with ease.

In addition to improving financial management, staying on top of life admin can positively impact overall happiness and well-being. This comes following the research revealing that 47 per cent of the participants surveyed would be happier if they were more organised, highlighting how the benefits of efficient life admin extend beyond simply monetary gains.

While it's true that numerous are finding themselves in the throes of the cost-of-living crisis, it also presents a chance to reassess financial habits, enhance financial literacy, and find more efficient methods of life management. The challenges are undeniable, but by focusing on these areas, all shall be able to navigate the tumultuous waters, gain control over financial lives, and, most importantly, find more time to live.

The current landscape may be fraught with challenges, but it presents opportunities for growth and innovation. In finding ways to simplify life admin and promote financial literacy, this too can help with weathering the current storm and laying down the foundations for a more financially secure and mentally peaceful future.

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