Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2023

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As the Crypto market is progressing to recovery, you might consider recalibrating your Crypto portfolio. But it isn't easy to shortlist your Crypto portfolios in the market in a sea of more than 20,000 Crypto coins in the market.

How do you identify the top Cryptocurrencies worth investing in 2023?

Fortunately, we have answers for you.

Our analysts have done thorough research and have created a list of Cryptocurrencies that are performing well in the market. And according to experts, they will perform even better in the future.

What’s more, you can take advantage of the profit builder app to start investing in the Crypto mentioned below to get better profit in 2023.

Top Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2023

When our analysts were creating this list, they factored in the past price fluctuation, teh returns in the last three years, and current events that support the Crypto economy.

We have also analyzed the underlying technologies and examined the future prospects.

So, without making you wait any further, let’s jump right onto the list.

1. Ethereum

We all know that Ethereum is a Crypto with the most potential in the long run. Whether you are trading or simply holding Ethereum, you will always make a profit out of it. Our analysts have added this at the top of the list because of the current event where Ethereum will merge to make the platform more efficient, secure, and reliable for online transactions.

2. Bitcoin

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Bitcoin will be on the list. Bitcoin is the most popular Cryptocurrency in the world and holds the firstborn advantage when it comes to online transactions. What’s more, it has the backing of the most decentralized and useful Blockchain technology that is bound to shoot through its potential in the years to come.

3. ApeCoin

ApeCoin is the newest Crypto coin that has joined the Cryptocurrency bandwagon. It was launched in March 2022 and is currently one of the top Cryptocurrencies to invest in today. Launched in the midst of contracting the Crypto Market, ApeCoin has been seen reaching its all-time high of $39.

4. Solana

Solana is the fastest-growing smart contract platform. At its peak, the price of the Solana token skyrocketed by 130000% and maintained that for almost a year. Today, however, the price has tanked in response to another Cryptocurrency downfall. However, experts believe that Solana is still in progress. We will need smart contracts to seal the deal as we move forward with digitalization. This is where the future of Solana lies.

5. Shibu Inu

We all know what a MEME is. But, do you know that Cryptocutrrecies actually have a CryptoCoin, which is the result of this meme? Shibu Inu is one of the most popular meme Cryptocurrencies in the Cryptoverse. It was launched in 2020 and is considered the ultimate “Dogecoin Killer”. Shiba Inu is on the list because developers are working on the technology to make it more sustainable. If this coin becomes more sustainable, it will become a great digital asset in the future.

6. Binance Coin

Binance Coin has only been around for five years. By the time it peaked in 2021, it had already increased by 450000%. This performance in the last five years has helped it acquire a name. The unprecedented growth made it popular among the exchange platform. In fact, many companies started using it for online transactions.

7. Uniswap

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange with a large pool of Cryptocurrencies to invest in. It has made a place on our list because of its stellar past price performance, unmatched appeal, and incredible network growth. In an age when investors and traders are looking for a secure exchange with the right privacy policy on online transactions, the potential of Uniswap has earned it the nickname - Crypto For The Future.

Where To Invest?

The Cryptocurrencies that we have discussed above are popular and can be exchanged on any platform. This makes the search for the best platform to invest in really challenging. 

To help you get started, we have come up with our top picks to help you invest.

  • Coinbase.
  • Profit Builder.
  • Binance.

While all the platforms offer what you need, the Bitcoin Era is exceptional. It covers all the news from the Crypto universe and keeps you updated.

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