Financial Services in 2016: Blockchain, Fintech, Fiduciary, Oh My

  • Christopher Monaco, Content Marketing Manager, Financial Services at Seismic

  • 05.01.2017 07:15 am
  • Blockchain , Fintech

To say 2016 was quite the year for financial services, both positively and negatively, would be an understatement. Advancements in blockchain led to broad-based industry conversations and a few early adoptions of the developing technology. Banks continued to defend against a number of Porter’s Forces, including stubbornly low interest rates and emboldened fintech challengers. And the Department of Labor’s final fiduciary ruling put wealth advisors and compliance teams on edge as the regulation’s implementation deadline looms ominous in 2017.

To help you recap the year, Seismic has compiled the top-three blog posts, according to readership, across all three micro verticals: asset management, wealth management, and business banking. Here they are in top-to-bottom order:

Asset Management

Technological Trends in Asset Management: The Growth of Blockchain (Sept)

An Active Strategy for Passive Investing (July)

How Financial Services Firms Can Avoid the Quarter-End Headache (March)

Wealth Management

5 Things Advisors Need to Know about the DOL Fiduciary Rule (Apr)

Millennials: The Greatest Generation for Wealth Management? (May)

Get Ahead of the Digital Wealth Management Curve, Now (June)

Business Banking

Challenger Banks–Coming Soon to the U.S.? (Feb)

Will Banking and Fintech Merge or Collide? (June)

Low Interest Rates, High Uncertainty in Banking (July)

If 2016 is any indication of what lies ahead for financial services, the future looks anything but bland. Stay with Seismic for the ride!

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