Biometric Technology Will Help Eradicate Fraud In Banking

  • Breana Patel, CEO, Though Leader in Bank Risk&Regulations at Bonova Advisory

  • 27.06.2018 08:00 am
  • undisclosed

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. S. Isaac Daniel, scientist, entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer, the pioneer and visionary force behind the Elite Influential Club (EIC), Isaac Daniel Inventorship Group, Abanacle Corp (Government-Mission Project), MiNiT IP Holding LLC and MiNiT Financial Service LLC. Former scientific analyst for the United Nations, inventor and designer of high-tech enterprise solutions, cyber-tech solutions and government-mission solutions, Isaac Daniel’s passion for technology and innovation has led to hundreds of patents in the United States. 

What do you think makes your company stand out during these disruptive times? Can you share a story?

We refuse to quit when others would have. I believe in contributing to society and I think of the future, the next generation, my children’s generation (which I call ‘AI’ Alpha Intelligence); and what will happen to them in the future. We have the technology that can help bring about positive changes. So, for instance, we are using our technology to combat fraud and cybercrime for a safer future. That’s what keeps us going.

Can you share what you believe will be the “Top 5 Fintech and Banking Trends Over The Next 3 Years”

#1. Digital Banking. We will become a cashless society. I don’t know when last I went to the bank. I do all my banking online. But everything needs to be secure, my cards, my mobile phone. This leads to the need for my #2 trend.

#2. Biometric technology to secure the Digital Bank will put this in the hands of the consumer. That is why mobile companies such as Apple and Samsung are thriving. People want to be in control. That means putting things in their own hands. A person’s biometric is unique to them and can prove they are who they say they are. So are their genetics. They’re theirs and no one else’s. It is virtually impossible to duplicate an individual. So, for this reason, biometric technology will help eradicate fraud in banking.

#3 Crypto currency, rather than being disruptive to banking, will enhance the banking system. Brick and mortal banks will close. Already, bank-branches are practically empty. Hardly anyone needs to enter a bank anymore because it’s now all online.

#4 Financial institutions will take technology to higher levels. As banks increasingly turn to digital banking, the big leaders, companies such IBM, GE, Cisco, Intel, Quantum, will increasingly support, enhance and protect their servers leading to better, more robust technology.

#5 Insurance companies and banks will need to merge and become one.

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