The Future of Banking: Adopting Innovative Technology

  • Jürg Truniger, Product Marketing Lead at Appway

  • 20.06.2017 07:30 am
  • Banking , Innovation

In today’s world, nearly all financial institutions are in some stage of digital transformation. Technology, which has always been a part of every industry, also plays a big part in the banking industry’s ongoing digital transformation.

When we look back on the past decade of technological development, it’s clear that some breakthroughs are more impactful than others, both in terms of developing technology and their success in the banking industry.

One example of this is the mobile revolution.

It hasn’t only changed how we interact with banks; it’s also forced financial institutions to rethink and reshape how they offer their products and services to clients. Still, even though it’s been 10 years since the first iPhone release—a pioneering force in the mobile revolution—mobile banking still has much to accomplish before reaching its full potential.

People in the finance industry, like us at Appway, love to imagine what technologies will revolutionize banking in the future. For instance, will the financial services industry be disrupted by new technologies? And if yes, what technologies will be the key disrupters? How will technologies like artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, blockchains, chatbots, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things impact banking experiences and financial services institutions’ business models?

As new technologies constantly develop, flexible banks that seamlessly adapt to changes will be in the best position to offer their clientele high-quality customer experience. We’ve invited principal analyst Alyson Clarke from the leading IT research firm, Forrester Research, to share her observations and analysis in our upcoming webinar, The Future of Banking: Adopting Innovative Technology. She’ll explore how customers will be banking in the future and what this means for how banks do business. Innovative technologies are changing the banking business; banks must prepare for the next evolution of digital banking and meet customers’ shifting expectations. Zoe Niu, Appway’s Business Practice Manager, and I will also be sharing what drivers are guiding Appway’s vision and roadmap, as well as what new technologies are transforming our specific use cases.

Join Alyson Clarke and Appway on June 22 for our webinar, The Future of Banking: Adopting Innovative Technology.

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