Leadership in Treasury: Managing Risk in the Supply Chain

Leadership in Treasury: Managing Risk in the Supply Chain

13.05.2014 08:00 pm


Technological change has resulted in treasurers being able to perform their traditional roles much more efficiently. Globalization has allowed treasury to be managed from a single location across even the most complex multinational corporations. Tasks which used to take days can now be performed within minutes or a few hours. This means treasurers have more time to contribute to their organizations beyond their primary areas of responsibility. “All eyes in corporate treasury are on maximizing liquidity and mitigating risk, with prudent treasury departments advancing their strategic mandate by looking deeper into the dynamics of their global supply chain,” says Jason Torgler, Vice President at Reval. Risk management skills are of particular value, with treasurers being asked to use their traditional risk modeling and management skills to support strategic decision-making.  In this guide, we explore some of the ways treasurers can use their skills and insights to support strategic management of risk in the supply chain. It is unlikely that most treasurers will have the responsibility for implementing supply chain risk management policies outside finance. However, the treasurer can help to identify, evaluate and suggest mitigation techniques across the whole organization. “By taking a closer look at the forces behind the supply chain, treasury is able to optimize its supply chain relationships and assess and mitigate potential supply chain risks,” Torgler says. This guide looks at the distinct stages in managing supply chain risk, and identifies ways in which the treasurer can add value to the organization as a whole. 

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