Fixed Income 2018: Goals and Challenges for the Front Office’

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  • 19.04.2018 12:27 pm

Ahead of the upcoming TradeTech US Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit, WBR Insights, the research division of Worldwide Business Research, surveyed 100 North American Fixed Income professionals, from traders and portfolio managers to CIOs. Among the priorities listed, was the need for new Fixed Income technology, cited by 63% of participants. These technological enhancements, coupled with the constant pressure to reduce costs, indicate that the current operational environment of legacy and best of breed systems cannot support the long term strategy of Fixed Income desks, and are also an expensive burden on day to day front office activities and P&L.

According to the report, Fixed Income desks face a number of critical challenges:

  • 81% are hampered in understanding firm wide limits, counterparty exposure and other important risk indicators
  • 70% find securing timely and accurate start of day/intraday positions and cash projections challenging
  • 59% struggle to measure investment performance relative to blended benchmarks/indices
  • 56% spend up to an hour reconciling positions and cash at the start of their day, just to reach a ‘satisfactory confidence level’
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