Digital Nebula Sparks Clients’ IT Innovation and Experimentation

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  • 10.03.2017 12:35 pm

“Digital Nebula’s goal is to instill in our clients a new way of working and give them agile capabilities that lead to faster experimentation and tangible outcomes,” explains Rick Fish, CEO and Founder. “Often lines of business create their own solutions because they feel IT isn’t delivering for them. A very common reason is that IT has constraints around regulatory compliance that they have to meet. So agile business groups are creating “shadow IT” departments to try and move forward. The problem is that as soon as they try to move their prototypes into production, there’s a breakdown in communication with IT. The two are a world apart from what a production instance needs to be long term. Enterprise IT can’t accept the output of the incubation lab, and the business gets frustrated. Our goal is to bring them together, show them tools and assets that can help their process and sustain delivery over the long term.” 

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