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First Release Date:
Current Version: 2018
Language Support:
 English, French, Russian

Product/Service Description

Profit distribution is a critical function that impact’s a financial institution’s reputation and market share.

The majority of Customers, Depositors and Investors seek low risk investments with higher profit rates to secure their investment and achieve good returns. Accordingly, banks require a solution to ensure accurate calculation of profit rates, customer profits as well as efficient and fast profit distribution. Historically, calculations and distributions were done manually using Excel and manual books. ETHIX PCD by ITS is an innovative banking software solution that not only calculates and distributes profit effectively, but allows continuous, high speed calculations until an approved profit rate is reached.  

Customer Overview

Total Number of customers 15
Customer Size Large Enterprise , Medium
Customer Type Commercial Banks , Corporates , Investment Banks
Target Market Africa , Asia
Specific georgaphical coverage Middle East
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    • AAOIFI certified solution designed to automate the process of profit calculation and distribution
    • Fully compliant with shariah rules and regulations
    • Handles  all types of islamic liability products
    • Defines both Restricted & Unrestricted account pools
    • Automatically calculates Islamic profit rate
    • Automatically allocates Mudareb Share, Risk, and Equalization
    • Automates profit calculation & distribution across al eligible accounts
    • Calculates Redemption Penalty “P re-Matured Penalty”


    • Calculates Islamic Profit Rates
    • Calculates Bank Entitlements
    • Mudareb Share
    • Equalization
    • Zakkah
    • Risk
    • Wakalah
    • ETHIX-PCD supports multi pool definition
    • Restricted fund pools
    • Unrestricted fund pools
    • Calculate profit and distribute it to the customers

Platform & Workflow

Server OS Windows Server 2008 (Microsoft)
Workstation OS Windows
Programming Language and API .net
SetUp and Installation Options On premises/off premises either onsite or remotely
Deployment Period Average 1-2 months
Reporting Capabilities

ETHIX reporting module (ETHIX-360) supports the delivery of  comprehensive reporting daily, monthly and yearly, as well as reporting requirements of Central Banks, and Bank Risk, Operations, Security and more.

Security Options Active directory authentication
The product/service compliant with the following regulatory standards AAOIFI

Connectivity, Hosting and Intergration

Hosting Option Inhouse
Hosting provider IIS
Devices Supported Web-based , Windows
Compatibility with Database Management System (DBMS) Sybase, Oracle and MS Sql
Third party integration Integrated with other core T24

Support Services

Support Option Online Support , Phone Support , Video Tutorials , Knowledge Base
Onsite Support Business and applications consultancy


Support Location 1
Country Kuwait
Address ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street, Kuwait City
Phone +965 22409100


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