SwissBorg unveils its Wealth App

  • Wealth Management
  • 16.12.2019 05:34 pm

Since its inception in 2017, SwissBorg has been on a mission to build a wealth management ecosystem that is accessible, fair and community-centric.  Today is a huge testament to this mission, as SwissBorg announces the launch of its ‘Wealth App.’

As the company’s flagship product, The SwissBorg Wealth App enables users to access quality investment products at the best market rates in just few clicks.  As a native mobile app for iOS and Android, users can buy, sell and exchange digital assets using fiat currencies.  It has been built with the least tech-savvy user in mind, to make diversified and automatically re-balanced crypto portfolios accessible to all.

During a recent test, the Wealth App’s multi-node Order Execution Management System (Swiss-Borg’s ‘smart engine’) performed highly successful BEST execution on four of the top crypto ex-changes - Binance, Kraken, LMAX and HitBTC. To date, BEST execution has been extremely lim-ited to individuals

SwissBorg has witnessed an impressive 24 months, made possible through the adoption of dis-ruptive technologies such as blockchain, a clear vision and purpose, a community-centric ap-proach, and a 50+ strong team of talented individuals who share the company’s purpose of ‘wealth for all’.

Key achievements to date include: SwissBorg’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in Switzerland during 2017/18 where $50m was raised; the launch of its own Token (CHSB); attaining important licenses to enable custody of digital asset wallets and to conduct cryptocurrency trading; the running of ‘first ever’ decentralised referendums on the Ethereum blockchain; its membership status at The Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), and; the launch of its Community App in 2019.

In respect to the latter, The SwissBorg Community App was launched in March 2019 as a pre-launch to the SwissBorg Wealth App. A gamified Bitcoin price prediction app that educates us-ers on Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading, the Community App has already been adopted by millions of users and community members worldwide.

The Community App has indeed pathed the way for the ‘Wealth App’ in building and nurturing a vast community, and in providing deep insights into the features and development qualities re-quired for a fast adoption of its ‘mother’ product, the Wealth App.

Speaking on the launch of the SwissBorg Wealth App, Cyrus Faizel, CEO & Co-founder of Swiss-Borg, states:  “From day one, it has been SwissBorg’s objective to build a community-centric financial ecosystem that enables anyone, anywhere to be in control of their own wealth. Myself, my co-founders and my wider team have come from the traditional world of finance and banking.  We witnessed just how elitist and unfair the traditional world has been on so many.  So Swiss-Borg was created to realise a world that is possible today - a world that empowers fulfilment, in-clusiveness, and freedom to each and every one of us. The launch of our Wealth App delivers perfectly on our mission, and we look forward to bringing financial freedom to many.”

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