CreditEase Wealth Management Named China's "Best Non-Bank Private Wealth Product"

  • Wealth Management
  • 27.12.2016 08:15 am

CreditEase Wealth Management was named winner of the "Best Non-Bank Private Wealth Product" by The Asian Banker, a Singapore-based leading provider of strategic intelligence on the financial services industry, on December 14. Being the only winner of the award conferred by the Asian Banker for wealth management products is a great honor of CreditEase Wealth Management.

The award was set up for the first time by the Asian Banker, which has run the prestigious awards program for 16 years in the Asia Pacific region, amid the explosive growth of private banking and wealth management business in China. The review process is conducted over multiple rounds in the form of scorecards by an advisory board comprising world-renowned bankers, counsellors and scholars, to provide independent, transparent and impartial evaluation under vigorous criteria.

The "Best Non-Bank Private Wealth Product" award intends to recognize the institution with the ability to meet the financial and lifestyle needs of high net worth customers by matching their risk profile with investment objectives, as demonstrated by a significant share of the assets and liabilities of the client and his family.

In recent years, CreditEase Wealth Management has globalized its business, with branches in more than 40 cities in Mainland China and overseas offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Tel Aviv, etc. Under the collaboration with a number of excellent financial companies, the CreditEase Wealth Management FoFs have successfully lowered barriers and risks of individual investors to join institutional activities and in the meantime minimized the effects of periodical fluctuations by long-term asset allocation. Besides, CreditEase Wealth Management features innovative, comprehensive and diversified services for global asset allocation with options of onshore and offshore credit investment, venture capital & private equity, hedge funds and real estate. 

At the ceremony, Richard Williamson, Managing Director of overseas business of CreditEase Wealth Management represented CreditEase Wealth Management to extend his thanks to the Asian Banker for "such an important award". He expressed the company's determination to keep on serving customers with a strong sense of responsibility, and contributing to industry development.

CreditEase's Founder and CEO Tang Ning attended the China Private Wealth Dialogue hosted by the Asian Banker. During his keynote speech titled "Foresight in the future of wealth management in China", Tang said that CreditEase is constantly motivated to meet the different needs of various client groups:

  • UHNW and high net-worth clients require comprehensive asset allocation and wealth management services, as well as succession planning and philanthropic advice;
  • mass affluent clients also require portfolio construction and management support to ensure appropriate asset allocation, which can now be provided by robo advisors;
  • small investors require single wealth management products that allow for savings needs.

Tang said, "Our wealth planners focus on authentic, long-term and implicit demands of customers and provide them all-round asset allocation services powered by high technology."

In addition, Tang shared the "Three Golden Rules" that CreditEase wealth planners discuss with their clients to achieve balanced and stable asset allocation: cross-border, cross-regional portfolios with multi-asset classes and to consider an overweight to alternative asset classes.

As for the new middle class, or mass affluent customers, Tang added, Toumi RA, the CreditEase robo-advisor service, helps clients to evaluate their risk preferences, build scientific portfolios and lower investment risks.

Tang further predicted that the wealth management industry will experience a transition in the next five to ten years from current strong product-centric sales processes to a customer-centric process based on asset allocation. CreditEase is committed to building on its leading position, and continuing to serve both client explicit and implicit needs.  Applying disciplined portfolio construction and a scientific strategy in wealth management and asset allocation helps individuals and families achieve security and happiness, Tang added.

At an interview with Chairman Emmanuel Daniel prior to the event, Tang compared the credit systems in China and the US and shared his opinions about the development of China's emerging P2P industry and the current status, trends and opportunities of China's private wealth management industry.

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