Ullink upgrades popular Monitoring solution

  • Infrastructure
  • 28.07.2015 01:00 am

Ullink, a leading provider of electronic trading and connectivity solutions to the financial community, today announced the release of the latest version of its popular order and trade monitoring solution, UL Monitoring. Version 2.3 of UL Monitoring adds new capabilities including enhanced support for position management and handling of split and multi-day trading sessions. The latest version has been significantly tuned to improve scalability, now handling hundreds of millions of messages per day.

UL Monitoring is widely-deployed by Brokers to monitor and manage their cross-asset retail and institutional electronic order flows in real-time. Across multiple asset classes, the full order life-cycle is captured and accessible from a single screen, which allows drill down to the underlying messages to assist with problem resolution. As well as rich functionality for searching and filtering orders by any message field, a library of configurable alarms pro-actively notifies traders of problems with individual or series of orders.

The solution integrates via a simple drop copy feed with existing client systems or directly with Exchange drop copy feeds, and can be deployed on client premises or as a fully managed service.

Speaking of the release Georges Gomes, Ullink’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “Our unique server-side monitoring engine continues to demonstrate tremendous improvements in every new version. Our decision to design the solution around server-generated real-time views, off-loading processing from end-user desktops, has resulted in fantastic improvements to the user experience. The system remains highly responsive under massive volume spikes without the need for high-end desktop workstations. We believe this is unique in the marketplace today.”

UL Monitoring is part of Ullink’s Low-Touch product suite which includes capabilities for message validation, enrichment and normalisation, exception management and order repair, pre-trade risk controls and much more. Even as a stand-alone, UL Monitoring adds huge value for post-trade monitoring and issue detection across high-volume electronic order flow.

Richard Bentley, Ullink’s Chief Strategy Officer, added, “We are seeing a big uptake in interest for Low-Touch solutions as more Brokers create electronic trading desks to handle growth in volume of lower-margin orders. Alongside regulatory requirements for capture of Exchange drop copies for risk management, the need for rich, scalable monitoring tools like UL Monitoring is becoming acute.”


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