Trading Systems

The blockchain platform Factorin has transformed the trade finance market in Russia in only a year since its launch
Bolero opens up Portugal with first use of its electronic trade digitisation platform by bank and corporate in the country
The Small Exchange announces access to new markets via CQG
Quarter of merchants were borrowing funds to pay business costs or salaries - even before COVID-19
Devexperts Launches DXtrade as a SaaS Trading Platform for FX/CFD Brokers
Velocity Trade Implements Integral FX Workflow Automation and Trading Technology
PayCertify Launches New Merchant Services System to Reduce Chargeback Losses and Maximise Online Revenue – Powered by Chargebacks911
Redburn implements Glue42 to ride market volatility wave more efficiently
FinecoBank launches free trading on equity CFDs
Shield Launches Advanced Workflow to Fully Align Compliance Surveillance with Business Processes and Needs
Winvesta Taps DriveWealth to Offer Indian Investors Access to U.S. Securities
The Derivatives Service Bureau Consultation Highlights Needs of New and Existing Users
Horizon Software announces outsourcing contract for market making on the Hellenic Energy Exchange Market
Rapid Addition Launches Next Gen Platform Technology for Electronic Trading