ZuluTrade Facilitates Strategy Developers in Opening New Wealth Avenues

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  • 07.06.2023 09:45 am

Strategy Developers can enjoy a smoother user experience with ZuluTrade’s reinforced social trading infrastructure. Thanks to its versatile interface design, the platform allows strategy developers to easily create, backtest, edit and deploy strategies, equipping them with everything they need to succeed.

Centred on simplicity, ZuluTrade’s platform offers smooth navigation, intuitive features and an intelligent UX design that significantly reduces the time required for strategy developers to develop and launch their algos. Doing so, ZuluTrade removes the complexity of the development process, allowing strategy developers the freedom to focus on creating and optimising their winning strategies.  

“Market opportunities arise every second, and as a strategy developer, you must be in lockstep with the market. With our integrated infrastructure, strategy developers can launch their strategies in minutes,” says Tajinder Virk, ZuluTrade CEO.

The strength of ZuluTrade’s value option for strategy developers lies in its advanced technology and powerful trading infrastructures. Through close collaboration with industry-leading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, X Open Hub, ActTrader and Match-Trader, the social trading platform ticks all the boxes. This gives strategy developers the flexibility to opt for any platform, use a wide range of cutting-edge tools and features available across these solutions, and combine different programming languages to adjust and launch their algos in a few simple steps.

“Our aim is to reduce deployment time down to T-0, and with our current integrations I believe we’re on the fast-track to achieving that,” Mr Virk added.

Changing the game for strategy developers

In addition to speedy strategy deployment, what contributes to ZuluTrade’s appeal in comparison to similar automated trading solutions is its compatibility with any brokerage platform. Capitalising on broker agnosticism, ZuluTrade opens the door to strategy developers and algo traders everywhere, regardless of the platform they use or the broker they hold an account with.

The platform’s advanced risk management, revenue monitoring and strategy simulation tools enable strategy developers to keep track of their earnings and strategy performance, and make adjustments in real time. 

Facilitating further strategy developers seeking new wealth avenues, ZuluTrade also places a great emphasis on the marketing aspect of strategy provision and engagement. The social trading platform offers strategy developers the opportunity to share their best algos with a growing community of investors and engage them directly through the social feed - where Investors and Leaders(strategy developers) meet to exchange ideas, share news, get inspired and learn from each other. 

Furthermore, when joining ZuluTrade, strategy developers gain access to a state-of-the-art marketing engine that promotes their algos to the whole community. Leveraging social media and other marketing tools, the social wealth management platform seeks to maximise the visibility and facilitate interaction within the strategy developers fueling its community-driven trading ecosystem. 

The platform compensates strategy developers with $5 (subject to currency pair) for every closed lot that investors trade. This attractive payout structure guarantees that strategy developers are rewarded commensurately with their efforts, empowering them to generate consistent income streams and build wealth.

For more insights, visit ZuluTrade’s website.

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