• Trading Systems
  • 27.04.2018 06:39 am

xCelor, a leading provider of low-latency trading solutions, has agreed to sell its network device business line to Metamako, a provider of low-latency network devices headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The move comes as xCelor shifts focus to its applications division.

"The deal is a true win-win for both firms and the industry as a whole,” stated Rob Walker, CTO of xCelor. “Whilst Metamako strengthens its hardware business, xCelor will focus on developing cutting-edge network applications to enable latency-sensitive traders to manage bandwidth and market data effectively.  We are excited about our new direction; our concentrated approach will allow us to better serve our clients."

xCelor will continue to service applications on Metamako hardware, while expanding their suite of network applications. Specifically, xCelor plans to grow its market data feed handling and bandwidth management divisions as well as the FPGA consulting services.

Rob Walker further notes, "Our hardware customers will be in safe hands with Metamako, who will provide them with many new products and areas of expertise to further expand their business. Our applications customers will benefit from a further emphasis on our software engineering that continues to set us apart from our competition."

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