Seminal Step: OctaFX Launches Its Apple iOS Trading App, Starting in Malaysia

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  • 31.08.2021 10:05 am

The Forex broker OctaFX presents the test launch of its Apple iOS trading app in the Malaysian App Store. A complete app inauguration for all service regions will follow towards the end of 2021.

The international Forex broker OctaFX has delivered the first release of their Apple iOS trading app. The company decided for Malaysia to be the first region for this test launch.

The App's current rendition of its user interface is in the English language only. Live trading will be available later, but Malaysian users can already download the app, create an account, manage their investments, and even engage in direct communications with client support.

OctaFX will activate the primary function of trading assets in the near future. As for now, the team employs a minimal basic functionality approach. The immediate next natural steps are ensuring smooth and fast performance of the core feature set.

After that follows a full app release, with all features unlocked, for all regions, at the end of this year⁠—incorporating all other languages served by the company on its established platforms so far.

The app's test launch constitutes a crucial element for the developer team to gather real-time data, feedback, and interaction with the user base.

A brief run-down of the app's features in test mode

●      Control over investments, replenishing balance and transferring of funds between accounts instantly

●      A one-stop solution for managing all OctaFX trading accounts and funds in one place

●      Instant deposits to all trading accounts and Wallet

●      Fast withdrawal times from several seconds up to a maximum of three hours

●      Instant transfers between trading accounts

●      Full integration with the most popular trading platforms (MT4, MT5), as well as introducing OctaFX's very own trading platform

The quiet launch of the OctaFX iOS went ahead on 4 August 2021. Users can download the trading app for Malaysia on the App Store.

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