RSRCHXchange and Substantive Research expand integration to include payment for research

  • Trading Systems
  • 06.06.2017 08:45 am

RSRCHXchange, the MiFID II research aggregator and marketplace for institutional research, today announces the expansion of their partnership with Substantive Research, curator of macroeconomic investment research. This latest integration phase means that Substantive ResearchMatch Curations are now integrated into the RSRCHX platform, enabling clients to seamlessly move from research curation to purchasing subscriptions and reports.

The Substantive ResearchMatch Curation service highlights must-read publications by banks and independent providers on a given theme, and hunts for research outside a portfolio manager's core providers that matches their current needs and preferences. ResearchMatch Curation combines technology and human expertise to curate at an individual portfolio manager level, ensuring there is a match by style and process as well as relevance.

The collaboration will now enable Substantive’s fund management customers to quickly and easily purchase the research content best suited to them via one exclusive, single connection to the RSRCHX platform. Meanwhile RSRCHX users who opt into ResearchMatch will benefit from content curation, simplifying the discovery of research that matches their investment style and needs.

Mike Carrodus, Founder and CEO at Substantive Research said: “The research needs of each portfolio manager vary dramatically depending on their personal preferences and expertise. Our ResearchMatch Curation service takes them to relevant and high quality research whilst also matching by process and style. Working with RSRCHXchange is a great way to give them direct access to purchase that research.”

Vicky Sanders, Co-CEO, RSRCHXchange, commented: “With just seven months left before MiFID II unbundling comes into effect, clients are struggling with research pricing and ensuring that they subscribe to the right providers in time for the deadline next year. Our collaboration with Substantive provides a solution to these issues.”

Jeremy Davies, Co-CEO, RSRCHXchange, added: “This latest development in our partnership programme further improves the user experience and will enable their customers to procure their research via RSRCHX. Our network continues to grow, with some of the largest global asset managers and banks  joining over 1,000 asset managers already on the RSRCHX platform and we expect to accelerate further client onboarding as we approach the January 2018 MiFID II deadline.”

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