OKX Makes Peer-to-peer Trading Safe, Accessible and Fee-free

  • Trading Systems
  • 02.08.2022 01:50 pm

World-leading cryptocurrency platform OKX has today introduced its new-and-improved P2P (peer-to-peer) Trading platform. The service not only allows users to trade seamlessly between one another but makes safe, reliable P2P trading available to a far broader range of users.

P2P Trading on OKX empowers users to become their own marketplace by issuing “advertisements” in order to trade with one another and better control the price they buy and sell at. This includes users in unbanked markets who may lack access to conventional banking infrastructure. OKX’s P2P Trading platform not only offers more than 900 payment methods from across 40 different currencies but is offered to users free of fees.

Lennix Lai, Director of Financial Markets, OKX, said: “P2P Trading on OKX empowers users to trade on their own terms. But more importantly, it makes secure person-to-person trading accessible to far more people, including those around the world who lack access to traditional banking services. This is one of the ways in which OKX is empowering users the world over to liberate themselves from traditional financial systems and strive to attain financial independence.”

The OKX platform plays a facilitation and risk management role in P2P trades. After a deal is struck between users, OKX holds the funds in escrow until the buyer’s payment is confirmed. This allows the exchange to manage the risks faced by users and ensure safe and stable trading between them.

OKX’s overhaul of its P2P Trading platform includes a new-and-improved homepage UI, and an easy-to-use navigation bar that makes it easy to switch seamlessly between the marketplace, orders and ads. The revamp also provides streamlined access to P2P guides, FAQs and tutorials to help users learn how to get the best out of the platform.

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