New B2Core Update is Live: Event Notifications, Detailed cTrader Data and Telegram with Integration

  • Trading Systems
  • 29.05.2023 01:20 pm

When it comes to customer relationship management software, B2Core is the gold standard. The company just announced a new set of improvements that would drastically improve the efficiency of operations for financial companies. A series of four new features added to B2Core bring a host of new features to give brokers and exchanges an edge over their competitors.

Let's find out more about each of these intriguing features.

Feature #1: New Event Notifications Module

B2Core's first and most interesting new feature is a sophisticated Event Notification module, which gives admin users unprecedented control over notification settings. Administrators can customize event notifications by selecting from a wide variety of 27 different options, such as withdrawal requests, successful registrations, and more. 

Administrators are alerted instantly via push notifications whenever an incident occurs, allowing them to respond appropriately and quickly. Additionally, multiple admin users can be added in the "Users" section to receive specific notifications, which encourages teamwork and keeps everyone in the loop. Conveniently, you may get event alerts by email, SMS, Slack, or by the recently added Telegram. 

The "System-Templates" tab makes it simple for admins to set up their favorite channels. All the alerts for the user can be found in the user card, making it easy to always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

For further details, consult the official B2Core documentation page for more information on the Event Notifications module. You can also access the How-To Guide and the References page to get a better understanding of the new functionality.

Feature #2: Seamless Telegram Integration

Another exciting and much-needed feature is the integration with the Telegram messaging app. To start receiving Telegram notifications, users need to link their Telegram chat ID with their B2Core Back Office account, which will allow instantaneous delivery of relevant information. You can do this in the admin's card under System — Users — Edit user.

Within the B2Core platform, customers can easily configure Telegram notifications by creating customized notification templates in the System — Templates — Telegram section. Telegram's event alerts help clients of B2Core be more responsive and make better decisions.